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Saville brand voice


Saville Audio Visual was a well-established business with two key activity strands: live event production and AV integration, working with some of the UK’s biggest names. Its marketing and branding was outdated and undersold this vibrant business. A key element of the transformation process delivered by Mobas was to define and communicate a brand voice and vocabulary to match the transformed Saville and to be used at every touchpoint of the business.


Mobas discovered that there was little consideration given to the consistency of Saville’s language; that so many employees communicated both internally and, more importantly, externally; and that the issue of a Saville ‘voice’ had never been addressed. We examined numerous pieces of literature, and more everyday communication, from diverse sources; and identified a number of people from key Saville departments who were excited to come on the brand voice journey with us. This was key as these voice ambassadors would be tasked with communicating the outcome to the workforce and to maintain the new voices’ usage and consistency on an ongoing basis.


Brand voice workshops were held, attended by key personnel from the three new Saville brands: Saville Group, Visavvi and Sparq. These were lively sessions and included debates and exercises on language and tone ‘volume’; compiling of words and phrases that didn’t reflect today’s business; and vocabulary that each of the three brands liked and advocated. Results were collated and written up into three brand voicebooks, each providing valuable and consistent reference guidelines to be used from launch day throughout the business.


The result is that Saville Group, Visavvi and Sparq can now be confident that their voice matches both their vibrant new brand and the personality that has always made them unique in the market. The brand voice work has been a key part of a Mobas transformation that has been lauded by staff, customers and industry commentators alike, and will be a defining trait of the future business.

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