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Saville Group Websites


An MBO was the first step in a transformative journey for Saville Audio Visual. The new management team inherited a successful £40 million business encompassing live event production and AV integration, working with some of the UK’s biggest names. Its marketing and branding though was outdated and undersold this vibrant business. Mobas was called in to work with the new management team to deliver transformation.

As part of a wider rebrand project, Mobas was tasked with creating a new website for Saville Group. The existing website, very much focused on product and kit for AV Hire, needed to be transformed to align with the new vision of the business.


Following the strategic decision to split the two business offerings into their own brands, Mobas agreed with the client to create individual websites including a third overarching Saville Group site. To achieve this, Mobas worked closely with members of each of the three Saville teams (Sparq, Visavvi and Saville Group) to ensure their website would encapsulate the essence of their brand identity, while delivering commercial KPIs specific to their business offering.

From this, Mobas created a proposed site map and visual look and feel for each site, aligning back to the new identities and their unique audiences. A complete Product Initiation Document (PID) was approved for each site to allow build to commence.


Creating the infrastructure for the site at Mobas, the team worked closely with key stakeholders at Saville to empower them to take ownership of their site from build. This included CMS training to allow them to own imagery, content creation and population, and SEO training to understand the implications of changes to the site.


Three new websites were created and delivered on time to go live as part of the wider rebrand.

Changing URLs, it was important not to lose any page authority. The SEO work we did ready for launch enabled Saville Group to maintain its authority with Google while supporting the new brands and the new websites to build their page authority.

Crucially, Mobas and Saville managed to turn one existing website into three audience-specific sites while being able to redirect the appropriate traffic to the right site.

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