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We are an award-winning web design agency based in Cambridge. We are full service and have an in-house team of digital experts that deliver high-quality websites to clients throughout the UK and beyond. 

We deliver a variety of different types of websites and applications, ranging from campaign sites, commerce sites to corporate websites to large-scale university websites. As an established web design agency we have the experience and in-house expertise to make your new website project a success. 

Our audience-first approach to scoping, web design, technical know-how, and robust development process generate transformative results for our clients. Our websites help our clients deliver brand stories that increase conversions, acquire new customers and increase profitability.

With the ever-changing world of digital, we pay close attention to advancements in technology and digital trends. Whether you are looking for a bespoke website, app, ecommerce system or a hybrid of the above, we can advise on the best technological solution to fulfil your brief. 

Are you looking to upgrade your website? Scroll down to learn more about our approach. 

Drupal development

Quality, security, and scalability are three fundamentals that we take great pride in. To deliver on these fundamentals we use Drupal. We love Drupal and the flexibility and options it provides us, and our client. We have been working with Drupal for over a decade. Drupal is arguably the best, most scalable, and secure open-source CMS on the market. We have an arsenal of tested and trusted modules that enable us to design and build a broad range of projects from small to large-scale e-commerce platforms. 

We like Drupal because of its ethos of being upwardly compatible which means the underlying technology of your website will never go out of date. 

HubSpot CMS

If you’re looking for a website that’s truly integrates with your CRM and digital marketing activities then HubSpot is a great choice. At Mobas, we are a HubSpot Partner and we use HubSpot to build flexible and powerful websites for your business designed to drive digital effectiveness. 

Whether you opt for the free or licensed version of HubSpot CMS, you'll benefit from the strategy and scoping expertise that you expect from Mobas. Our expert team we'll also guide you through the CMS platform and the various integrations available when choosing HubSpot, such as HubSpot CRM and Marketing Platform to deliver a highly effective website.

Maintenance packages

Your website is a very important asset for your business. As such it should be regularly maintained and monitored by experts. 

Like cars, websites require regular maintenance and updates to remain secure and in full working order. For this reason both the sites themselves and the server, they operate on a need to be kept up-to-date with the latest available software.

Mobas offers four hosting and maintenance packages to suit varying needs and different types of websites, please enquire for more details. 

Hosting solutions

We offer basic hosting suitable for standard websites, up to premium hosting for business-critical sites.

All of your hosting solutions use AWS technologies and adopt the latest principles of system architecture and varying levels of security and maintenance packages. If you need ongoing monitoring and disaster recovery services then no problem, we can cater for all of your hosting needs. 

Website Accessibility

When building digital experiences, we’re able to follow and implement accessibility principles. Strong website accessibility improves user experience and the performance of digital platforms. This ensures our client’s content has maximum reach and can be consumed by those with disabilities.

Website Accessibility is now a legal requirement for most public organisations and higher education institutions to comply with W3C AA standards. We can create your website to differing WCAG levels based upon your requirements and budget.

Our accessibility services include audits, advice and training, and delivery of accessibility standards for new projects.

Third-party integrations

Bringing data together from multiple sources can be difficult, slow and costly. Our wealth of experience in integrating systems such as CRM's, back-office systems and marketing automation can help you realise the range of benefits when using third-party service providers.

Our experienced digital team will collaborate with you to plan and design bespoke systems that transform your working processes.

Copywriting and content creation

Along with a great design and a well-built website, content is key for the success of any website. We have an in-house copywriting team that can provide a full copywriting service, working with you to define the brief and an appropriate tone of voice for your audience.

Writing compelling content that resonates with your audience will help your website deliver better results through leading your users to take actions that are desirable for you, but also them.

Ongoing support

We have dedicated experienced professionals on hand to support your website. We offer monthly retained support packages that include digital marketing services, or we can simply charge you by the hour for ad-hoc updates. Each package can be tailored to your exact needs. 

We will support you in the event of an emergency, or we can work with you to forward plan ongoing improvements and updates. Either way, your dedicated account manager will be on hand to discuss your requests and changes. 

Every good project starts with a good strategy

What really sets us apart in our approach to website scoping. We have a unique methodology that works for every project leaving no stones unturned. We receive brilliant feedback on our scoping process from our clients and project stakeholders.

We firmly believe that the success of every web project relies on a solid strategy. As a web design agency, everything we do is underpinned by strategic foundations. We put the user (your customers) front end center of the web design and content when planning and scoping a website. Our scoping process includes a series of workshops facilitated by our experienced team of digital strategists, who’ll work with you to define a project specification that will deliver and exceed your project objectives. 

Setting objectives for success

  • We’ll take a deep dive into the role of your website within your organisation. We seek to understand what success looks like, and how it’s measured, to ensure we’re all working to that same common goals and KPI’s. 

Understanding audiences and their needs

  • Knowing what makes your customers tick is one of our most essential ingredients. Having a comprehensive understanding of your audiences and their needs helps shape and inform the content and the design. We’ll agree the value of and volume of each audience to help us understand how to weight our communications for each audience type. 

Identify user tasks and customer journeys

  • Aesthetics and brand are important, but user experience and great content delivers conversions. By understanding your audiences needs (what they are looking for), we map out key user journeys to influence how users navigate and travel through your digital asset. Every piece of content should be signposted to the next user action, whether that’s more content on a similar topic, or a call-to-action to enquire or complete a specific task. 

Planning information architecture (IA)

  • Behind every great website is a well-organised IA, so that users know where they are, what they’ve found, what else they can discover and what to expect. And all of that in line with best practice standards for creating, storing, accessing and presenting information. Using the insight gained from audience profiles, user task and journeys we ensure that all of your digital content is organised effectively into a well informed and logically planned sitemap. 

We follow best practices design principles

The principles of graphic design apply to digital design. Our creative design team follows tested design principles ensuring website designs are visually balanced, aligned, consistent and utilise strong colours contrasts, oh and we love white space! 

Our websites are crafted using vector-based web design software to carefully mockup our designs. We also use industry-leading interactive prototyping tools to seamlessly communicate and gather feedback from our clients to help move projects forward.

We use technology that works, is secure, reliable and scalable

Our experienced developers conform to the latest in web standards using HTML5, CCS3, and have an in-depth knowledge of SEO, to maximise search engine visibility. 

We use tools and technologies such as PHP, SASS, HTML5, JavaScript, Gulp, Jenkins, Drupal, Netlify, Eleventy and various other technologies to deliver all types of websites. We deliver most websites in Drupal, a high-quality enterprise content management system (CMS). We also offer lightweight and cost-effective solutions for smaller projects, but if you're looking for a simple WordPress site with a pre-built theme applied, you've come to the wrong place, but we can offer you alternatives with bespoke designs that are tailored to your needs.

Our content management systems (CMS) place you in control 

Our CMS puts you firmly in the driving seat when it comes to managing your content. Adding new pages, editing content is simple and we’ll get you up and running in minutes. In addition, our CMS enables you to create new templates and layouts via its library of pre-built blocks. We offer full training when we hand over your website to ensure that you’re in control and comfortable making changes.

Your website will be optimised to perform

As standard your website will be optimized for major search engines. We’ll work with you to define a search engine optimisation keyword strategy for your products and services. We will develop your content to ensure we’ve captured keywords that your audiences are using to find your products and services. We will closely monitor the performance of your website in terms of traffic and conversations.

We spend time rigorously testing your website

Every good digital agency should take testing seriously. We have a robust process that ensures your website is rigorously tested before it goes live. When we hand over a website for client review, we ensure that all templates are tested across modern web browsers and that all content management elements work, saving you time before you start your own client testing. 

We offer professional project management

We place great value in our relationships with our clients. Project management is a critical element of our process. We use a combination of proven project management processes to ensure your expectations are met to ensure your project runs smoothly. From day one, all parties will have a clear understanding of all project phases and tasks alongside responsibilities and deadlines. 

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