Website security

Why you need to plan your Drupal upgrade

With technology advancing at an astonishing rate and cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated, it is essential to keep your website updated in line with Drupal’s security patch release schedule.

Regularly updating software will minimise the risk of your website and data being compromised.

As part of the Drupal community, we follow guidance and recommendations from the Drupal security team.

We only use modules which are stable, trusted and which pass Drupal tests, and we pay close attention to their release notes via their community support channels.

With over 15 years' experience of building Drupal websites for some of the UK’s leading brands, Mobas has the expertise and technical know-how to deliver Drupal upgrades and migrations to most types of websites.

Drupal end of life (EOL) timeline


Drupal 7

EOL 5th Jan 2025

Security updates to Drupal core only

Drupal 8

No support

Upgrade to Drupal 9 required

Drupal 9

EOL 1st Nov 2023

Upgrade to latest version in preparation for Drupal 10

The Drupal upgrade process

A well-constructed Drupal website should be relatively simple to upgrade.

During our technical discovery process we use technical scripts to assess the feasibility and complexity of updating Drupal core through its minor and major versions. Our scripts will detect which modules have been used to deliver specific functionality within the CMS. If your Drupal installation uses supported modules, then the upgrade can usually be achieved within a few days.

After our discovery and investigation phase, we will provide you with a full report of any conflicting modules and an estimate for the actual upgrade.


Upgrade steps

Step 1 - Setup

After an initial discovery call and agreement to proceed with steps 1 & 2, we start our process with adding your site to our local systems so the live site is not disrupted.

Step 2 - Feasibility

On a local copy of your website, we run upgrade scripts to assess the feasibility of the upgrade.
A full report will be provided with our recommendations and costs.

Step 3 - Action plan

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager and technical lead. Your project team will provide you with a detailed project plan and course of action.

Step 4 - QA & Go Live

We set up a staging/UAT site for you to QA/test the upgraded system. We will only update the live site once you are completely happy that everything is working as intended.

The benefits of upgrading

Security and peace of mind

Upgrading to the latest version of Drupal boasts improved security and an array of powerful features, making it a great choice if you want full control over your website. Every upgrade brings with it the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a site is secure from the latest threats of cybercrime and attacks.

With Drupal migration and upgrades, you can rest easy knowing that your online presence will remain reliable and up-to-date in order to provide optimal performance for your business.

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