Creating a well-defined brand for FHT

Creating a well-defined brand for FHT

Operating in a highly competitive market, FHT was suffering with a poorly defined brand in terms of its positioning and point of difference within the marketplace. Within the education travel industry, the audience is very price-sensitive and so having a well-defined brand and a unique and compelling proposition would support the business’s future growth ambitions.


The process began with research, both with FHT staff and their customers, as well as marketplace and competitor analysis. From this, Mobas was able to glean some incredibly valuable – and sometimes unexpected – insight about why people choose to work with FHT. While, like many of their competitors, FHT were able to offer the best options for locations and trips for teachers to book for their students, the underlying insight was around FHT’s ability to face any issue that teachers may come across and be highly effective problem-solvers. They in fact became, the Tour Solvers.


From the valuable insight, Mobas was able to create a well-defined brand that had a point of difference in the marketplace – it meant that FHT were so much more than travel destinations, but rather the focus of marketing communications needed to shift towards the benefits to the customer, as this was their point of difference. Mobas also executed a visual brand refresh, selecting a fresher and more vibrant colour palette and in turn supporting and applying this to marketing collateral.