In today’s world, the competition between businesses is sharper than ever which means in order to stand out among the crowd, your business needs a brand creation agency – to look unique and be memorable for customers.

Some brand identities are iconic. They communicate succinctly what they stand for, and their place in the market, and act as a north star for organisations’ marketing efforts. While their appearance may be stylish, simple or functional, the brands we create are a visual outcome from our brand definition process, ensuring that it’s true to our strategic understanding of an organisation’s place and purpose from our research mission.

What do we mean by brand creation?

Whether it’s building a new brand strategy for an exciting new business venture or transforming an existing brand experience, our creative design team knows that a brand needs to be rooted in a deep strategic understanding of the current challenges and future opportunities of your business, which is why our branding process always starts with brand definition. As a brand strategy agency, our task starts when the visual identity is ready to be fuelled by its full potential and can become a true articulation of who the business is, why they exist now and why they’ll exist in the future.

Unleashing your brand’s creativity

Drawing on the inspiration from the strategic insights and the creative world around us, our talented team of visual designers, headed up by the brand team and our Creative Director, begin to bring the visual components of your brand to life.

Typically seen as the most exciting part of the process – as we get to explore a range of visual concept routes, logo design, colourways, icon design, font styles and creative direction – our team are highly skilled in aligning the heart of your business’ essence with the understanding of what will engage, inform and excite your newly defined target market. As a brand development agency we have nearly two decades’ experience, so we know a thing or two about standing out from the crowd. We know about colour psychology and font types, design our own hand-drawn fonts, and understand why styles complement one another. But critically, as a creative agency, we know how to execute a thorough design process that will resonate with your audiences.

Our brand creation process

Before our team of designers start working on a visual brand, we need to identify the character of your brand and its place in the market. With a clear brand proposition and brand map, our team then start working on the basic marks of brand identity: colour palettes, fonts, image styles and influences which inform any logos, brand guidelines and campaigns created, as required by our clients. 

Collaboration is a critical part of our brand creation process: we seek to involve our clients in the journey. We invite clients to visit our studio, where possible, at critical points throughout the brand creation phase, to show and explain how the brand is evolving and reflecting the layers of the business it represents. Our purpose-built creative room allows our team to illustrate each step of the brand creation process and shows our clients the routes we’ve explored and the rationale.


The start of a brand’s journey

Having designed the core components of your brand, our team will work closely with you to advise on what supporting materials and creative assets you may require. Our trademark partners, if required, will ensure you can protect your brand identity. Our in-house marketing activation specialists can then advise you on how we can bring your new brand to life through the marketing channels needed to reach your audience, including but not exclusive to owned, earned, paid social media, digital marketing initiatives, website design and advertising campaigns.

All our created brands are delivered with a set of user guidelines, full ownership of the brand identity and all of the logo file formats needed to take your brand to market. Many clients also choose to host a brand portal with us, to act as a central hub for their teams to access their brand collateral, fonts, images and usage guidelines as a constantly up-to-date home for their brands to maintain control and consistency in usage.

Ready to bring your brand to life?

If you’re looking to turn up the volume and impact of your brand, Mobas is the brand agency you need. Contact us to arrange an exploratory meeting to discuss your business and brand ambitions and how we can help your brand transform goals into reality.  

Having created the brand 

We need to deliver it to the world →

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