A well-executed brand is of little value if it remains unseen. Having defined what a brand stands for and translated that into a beautifully crafted visual brand, it’s time to focus on brand delivery.

While this seems like a simple task of updating assets and brand materials, brand delivery is actually the start of the journey for your launch and the team at Mobas, Cambridge’s premier branding agency, are highly experienced in guiding you and your brand on that journey.

What do we mean by brand delivery?

Brand delivery is a critical stage in any brand development process, but it’s one that’s often overlooked, resulting in a poorly optimised experience.

When we work with clients through the brand delivery phase we rigorously identify all the touchpoints where the brand will be seen and communicated both within a firm and in the public arena on its website, social media, printed materials and marketing activation campaigns. This methodical approach ensures that the transition between the old and new brand definition is as seamless as possible and that the brand guidelines are adhered to throughout the process, giving the new brand the best possible start in life.

Working with you to navigate a successful brand launch

Brands often fail because they become outdated, they lose their purpose or the consumers forget why they liked them. As a brand development agency, we mitigate this as much as possible by undertaking thorough research and user testing at the brand delivery phase.

At Mobas we immerse ourselves in our clients’ business objectives, test and explore the concept with target markets and key stakeholders then add a further layer of insight from our brand and strategy teams. Our plans take the risk out of launches, enabling partners to act with confidence and overcome the challenges that innovation and evolving brings. 

We cover go-to-market strategy using focus groups and research, host workshops and events, write marketing strategies, internal communications plans, campaign strategies and provide embedded marketing support within our brand activation offering which can all form part of your brand launch in the brand delivery phase. Landing your newly created or updated brand properly by the team who created it provides the assurances on your investment.

As a branding agency that’s an accredited member of the Market Research Association, our team have the experience and expert knowledge to be able to test and optimise the brands and campaigns we create to ensure they’re perfectly aligned and engage and excite the target market.


Creating a brand launch

Brand launches can sometimes seem scary, so to ensure they’re effective and that the investment and time put in doesn’t go to waste, we work alongside you to agree the brand strategy, channels and best way to capitalise on capturing momentum.

Brand launches are usually described as being hard or soft launches and these are two contrasting ways in which a new brand can be introduced to a market. A hard brand launch usually has a set date on which the new brand is revealed, meaning that all touchpoints instantly use the new brand – from the website to the social media platforms – everything literally changes overnight.

In contrast, a soft brand launch is a quieter way of bringing a brand to market and tends to be done through a phased approach, where perhaps the old brand is still out in the world (for example on supermarket shelves) and the replacement of every single brand touchpoint would be a logistical nightmare and could cost a small fortune.

While there are pros and cons for each of the approaches, the key is knowing which is right for your business and your brand which is where our expert team will offer their advice and guidance and support you every step of the way.

Ready to bring your brand to life?

If you’re looking to turn up the volume and impact of your brand or need help realising the potential of your existing brand through a brand delivery review, contact Mobas. We’ll arrange an exploratory meeting to discuss your business and brand ambitions, and how our brand agency can help transform these into reality.  

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