Taking a brand to market requires an investment in time, money and passion. Having defined the brand strategy, brought it to life through brand creation and deployed it to the market through brand delivery is only part of the story: many marketers and business-owners forget the final chapter when the brand development moves to a new phase we call brand evaluation.

Whether you want to evaluate or monitor your brand’s performance through quantitative techniques such as brand engagement tracking, or qualitatively, the experts at our branding agency can work with you to evaluate the performance of your brand and optimise its positioning to its fullest potential.

Why brand evaluation matters

As the highly respected business leader and academic Peter Drucker once wrote, ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it’. Your brand is often your most valuable corporate asset: if you’re not evaluating its performance over time you might get caught out.

We meet countless business leaders who task their team with raising brand awareness or generating greater awareness, which is often done through anecdotal methods but provides little insight into how a brand is actually performing in real time. If the continuation of your newly adapted or created strong brand matters to you, a brand evaluation programme is the ideal way to test and optimise not only how your brand appears, but also how specifically your brand’s key messages are resonating with your target markets. We help our clients track the brand performance from the launch through an on-going programme that twists and turns through brand and marketing initiatives.

The Mobas approach to a brand evaluation programme

With a clear strategic vision, our research and insight team take an outside-in view of our clients’ sectors and markets in order to deliver clear, actionable insight which improves the continued effectiveness of your brand and business.

We start with selecting the right tools for gathering consumer insight which should be at the heart of business, informing the products you create, the messages you communicate and how you measure success. Our approach to brand measurement begins by identifying the brand metrics that are important to you, creating a methodology and cadence for taking measurements and then working in partnership with you to tweak and optimise your marketing strategy using the insights we gather over time.

As a brand positioning agency, our expert team can measure various aspects of your brand, products and competitors using a variety of metrics including advocacy, affinity, association, awareness, loyalty, perception, personality, reputation, recall, preference, strength, sentiment, salience, trust, usage and more – giving your management team all the insight they need to make strategic business decisions with confidence.

When should brand evaluation be done?

Brand evaluation is a commitment to inform your key business decisions. We, therefore, encourage organisations to invest in a customised brand evaluation programme created by our expert team.

Our brand evaluation programmes are typically conducted using real people – via email, in-person interviews or in many cases consumer panels to give you a range of qualitative and quantitative insights into your brand’s performance. Once a brand is live, we advise our clients to undertake milestone testing: this may be as frequent as quarterly or biannually but can be more frequent bursts for new brands.

Want to learn more?

Mobas is a brand agency that believes firmly in the power of brand evaluation. An effective brand evaluation programme can act as a ‘proactive’ solution for businesses who want to grow, take advantage of future opportunities and take a proactive approach in protecting themselves from new market challenges.

The first step in the process is to get an understanding of how you’ve monitored or measured your brand in the past, so we begin with an explorative discussion about what data you have, how you’ve approached brand management and what customer or client data you have at your fingertips to use as a starting point.

We’ll then tailor a programme for you identifying our proposed approach, research rationale and a range of testing options to suit your budget and demonstrating how the brand evaluation can help improve your business’s performance. After all, ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it’.

It’s part of your brand’s journey.
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