With the UKs science sector flourishing, notably the life sciences field, which escalated to a valuation of over £94 billion in 2021, marking a 9% year-on-year growth (gov.uk, 2023), Habit Action aimed to amplify their presence. Leveraging their established expertise in laboratory fit-outs, the objective was to craft a bespoke brand resonating with science-focused enterprises, thereby fostering brand expansion and sales opportunities. To take advantage of the fast-growing science sector, Habit Action were looking to launch this new brand into the market as soon as possible and came to their long-standing agency partner Mobas with this challenge. 


Project objectives 

The objectives for this activity are to: 

- Support the development of a newly defined full-service offering targeting the science sector. 

- Creation of a new Habit Action Science brand, allowing Habit Action to target a new audience that may not connect with the existing brand. 

- Build a new science-specific website to support brand awareness and sales conversion within the science sector.  


Science Brand
Science Brand 2-1

Our Approach 

The Habit Action brand is well-established within key sectors. However, with this new offering, the brand requires a subtle development to provide an ownable visual vehicle that will demonstrate the proposition and offering for the science sector.  

To achieve this, the following aspects of the Habit Action brand were developed:  

  • Sub-brand logo – taking the current Habit Action logo as a basis, Mobas developed a new iteration that can be used as a sub-brand for all communications targeting the science sector.   
  • Secondary colour palette – building upon the current palette, secondary colours have been assigned to the Habit Action Science brand. These colours are easily identifiable and will be used throughout Habit Action’s communications to further promote brand awareness. 
  • New website creation – Mobas then developed a dedicated HubSpot website to house the new Habit Action Science brand as well as providing a distinct platform where targeted communications can be curated, specific to the science sector. This website is linked to the existing Habit Action homepage under the URL science.habitaction.com, to ensure that Habit Action Science benefits from Habit Action’s existing brand equity. 


Measurable results

The launch of the Habit Action Science brand was met with enthusiastic internal and external reception, showcased through a dedicated LinkedIn page and the innovative website, progressively attracting a science-centric clientele. 

Mobas was successful in completing a fast-turnaround brand project but without compromising on the quality. The client was extremely satisfied with the visual impact of the creative brand which has been expertly translated into a smart and professional HubSpot website. 

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