Research & Insight agency

Strategic research and insight

With a clear strategic vision, our research and insight team take an outside-in view of our clients’ sectors and markets in order to deliver clear, actionable insight which improves the effectiveness of our clients’ campaigns, brands and businesses.

Consumer research

Effective marketing communications can only be achieved by having the voice of the consumer in the room. At Mobas we don’t make assumptions about the motivations and behaviours of consumers, but rather we listen to them. We use a variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques, whether it be through one-to-one interviews or survey data, to get into the minds of your target audience. We also utilise our very own Consumer Panel, which allows our clients to tap into our existing database of consumers: whether that be to understand buying behaviours or test the effectiveness of a creative concept, the applications are vast.

Stakeholder research

We believe that the brand-owner’s view is only part of the picture, and to get true visibility you also need to consider how the brand, product or service is viewed from the outside: by customers, staff, stakeholders, opinion-formers and even rejectors. That’s why stakeholder research forms a vital part of many of Mobas’ strategic projects. It brings the consumer’s voice directly into the decision-making process, enabling us all to connect with them and create the best possible outcomes.

Desk research

At Mobas we’re not blinkered by assumptions about your marketplace. We want to truly understand the market in which your business operates so that we can generate insight from competitors, examine working practices and trends that are shaping market growth. With our market-driven view, we take deep dive so that your campaign, brand or business has all the tools to take on the market of today and tomorrow.

Go-to-market research

Whether you’re looking to launch a new product, brand or business, the crucial step before jumping into a market feet-first is not just to understand it, but to know it inside out. What lies beneath the surface? Are there sharks in the water or are the fishing grounds rich? Through our unique approach, we immerse ourselves in the market, analysing market data and trends in order to create actionable insight which can guide your new venture safely through the waters.

UX research

We understand that websites can sometimes be style over substance. Perhaps you’ve got a website that looks great visually but isn’t generating the leads that you thought, or perhaps you have a website that’s a nightmare to navigate. It doesn’t have to be this way. At Mobas, our approach to websites is focused on user-centricity – your website might look pretty but if your users can’t get to the information they need, it’s useless. We use a variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques to review the attitudinal and behavioural aspects of users, resulting in actionable insight that can improve the user experience of your website and, crucially, help you to achieve your business objectives.

Ongoing insight support

At Mobas, we love being immersed in our clients’ businesses. By working with a member of our Research and Insight team you can benefit from regular insight for your business, without needing to add to your headcount. Mobas’ team of insight specialists can join a client team on a part-time basis, driving change through actionable insight from the inside. Whether a specific campaign or business venture needs additional support, or market insight is required on a regular basis, we can embed them in your team to support you in achieving your business objectives.

The Mobas Consumer Panel

Our consumer-centric approach isn’t limited to consumer research. At Mobas we decided to take it one step further by creating our own database of consumers, covering different demographic factors from age, gender and location, to job title, sector and education level. Our Consumer Panel allows us to tap into consumers’ mindsets to great effect, whether that be testing how a creative campaign concept resonates with a particular audience, testing key messaging or understanding buying behaviours and motivations. Using this resource, our clients have the ability to take their marketing activities from good to ‘great’, building their effectiveness and cut-through with the audience.
Members of our Consumer Panel database are incentivised to take part in research tasks, including online focus groups, surveys and one-on-one interviews.