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Mobas is the sum of its people. We pride ourselves on the passion, dedication and expertise of each and every member of our team. Take the time to get to know them here.

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About Us

We are Mobas

A strategic marketing communications agency packed with specialists. We offer a full suite of integrated services: creative and design; PR, social and content; digital; and brand strategy. Our clients use all or any combination they require.

We’re often told we’re different, and that we actually work in the way we describe. That means working for you by working with you, as we believe amazing things come from collaboration. We use our strategic vision to help brands and audiences connect through the things they love - products, services and experiences.

Our work is driven by our single-minded purpose: Success for All.

Success for our clients means success for our employees, and success for Mobas as a whole. By combining our own determination to succeed, we work together to define and deliver ideas and solutions that benefit everyone.

What makes us different? Our people.

We are only as strong as our people and therefore we only hire individuals who aren’t afraid to challenge, have a voice and share their opinion. We are a team of driven and like-minded strategic thinkers. The key to our success is that we embrace collaboration and demand that our strategists, designers, developers, writers and project managers work closely with our clients.

We believe in having a can-do attitude, working with integrity and as one team while being resourceful to ensure complete success for our clients. We expect the brands we partner with to be the same.

These values are reflected in everything we do.

Can-do: We try harder. We strive to always do our best and ensure that every effort we make is our best effort.

Integrity: We approach everything we do with a ‘being straight’ attitude. Through our honesty we build genuine, long-lasting and valuable relationships based on truth, respect and understanding.

One team: We are one and act as one. We work tirelessly and seamlessly to combine our diversity of skills, knowledge and experience. We value the contributions of each other, our partners and those we work for.

Resourceful: We are driven by turning good ideas into great results. By using what we know and finding out what we don’t know we constantly challenge what we see and continually improve what we do and how we do it.

We've earned a reputation for doing great work across multiple sectors. Get in touch today at to talk to us about your marketing plans.

Our Work

We love variety and thrive on getting to know so many markets and their challenges. We’re based in Cambridge, but work with clients all over the UK and beyond. Click here to see our full suite of marketing services, and here to see just a selection of the companies we’ve worked with.

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