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Understanding exactly what a brand is lies at the heart of the creation, evolution and management of any organisation’s branding. If we forget logos and straplines for a moment – even though they’re part of any brand – we need to think of a brand as being the soul, essence and personality of an organisation. Conveying that personality fully and consistently across all touchpoints makes for a powerful and recognisable brand: one that lives and breathes and reflects the company’s culture, values and customer experience. It creates trust and loyalty, forges a connection between the company and its customers, and maintains a promise and experience that should span the generations.

Mobas’s expertise and approach

We take a truly holistic approach to brand creative, immersing ourselves in every aspect of the company from history and recent developments, through current initial strategy, to final activation and deployment. At every stage we strive to ensure that your brand reflects your company’s culture, personality and customer promise. Here’s a summary of the stages that allow us to do just that:

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Brand strategy

A thorough understanding of your business is vital for any brand work, so we delve deep into every aspect of your operations: your day-to-day activities, your history, your values and mission, your market position, and your goals. This analysis is individual to you and forms the strategic foundation on which we can build a brand that’s equally individual and captures minutely the finer points of your company’s personality. Our strategy team employ such tools as market research, brand positioning and messaging frameworks to furnish your brand with a unique and compelling persona.

Brand creation

With the solid strategic groundwork done, our skilled creatives step in to start to bring your brand to life. All experts in their specialisms, our designers, writers and marketers bring their individual talents together to start to develop a visual, verbal and sensory identity designed to capture your brand’s very essence. From colour palettes to initial logo drafts, from tone of voice to styling and messaging guidelines, we create and align every element, developing and evolving them with purpose and precision according to the intelligence we’ve gathered, with ongoing input from yourselves.

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Brand activation

Once a brand is created and everyone is satisfied that it fulfils all the demands required of it, it’s time for the moment of truth: when the brand is activated and launched into the world at large. There are many ways to do this, and on any of a number of scales, but the aim is for the brand to arrive with a bang and continue to resonate for many years to come. Digital marketing campaigns… widespread engagement on social media channels… immersive brand experiences for customers – all will bring your brand to your audience and begin to form a deep and long-term relationship with it.

Watchword: consistency

Just as we’re always ourselves, in whatever environment and whatever scenario, so should a brand be. This is fundamental to our brand philosophy: no brand can be truly effective, powerful and successful without total consistency at every touchpoint. Recognition, trust and loyalty on the part of customers all come from enjoying the same experience whenever and however the brand is encountered. To help this be achieved as your brand ventures further into the big wide world, Mobas always draws up comprehensive brand guidelines, not just visual rules, for both internal and external use. These serve as the brand blueprint and help ensure a single personality and brand identity across every communication and on every platform.

As part of our honest and transparent approach, we believe that your brand should truly reflect the spirit of your organisation, embracing the values, ethos and culture individual to you and your teams. We therefore like to spend time immersed in your world, with your people and working environments, to convey and reflect your authentic essence. The relationships enjoyed by your audience with your brand can then be as genuine as when they interact with the company itself.

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Tailored solutions for every challenge

At Mobas we recognise that every business is individual, at its own stage of development and with a unique set of objectives, challenges and needs. We tailor our solutions to each client accordingly, and are completely flexible when it comes to the services that are at your disposal. From start-ups looking to launch into the market, to established companies looking for brand rejuvenation, we can offer the strategic and brand solutions to see your brand reach new heights.

A creative world that never sleeps

In our always-on world, where we’re all at saturation point when it comes to messages and information bites, strength and simplicity are vital qualities for a brand to be able to cut through the noise. Mobas’s unique blend of strategy, creativity and understanding – of our skills, of our clients and of the worlds we operate in – can help take your brand to the next level. It’s an exciting journey and one that will equip you with the brand and experience your company needs now and in the future: to be seen, to be loved, to be felt, and to be remembered. Join us on the journey and let’s create something extraordinary.

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