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Data segmentation and personalisation

How do you ensure that your digital marketing communications are as relevant to each individual user as possible when you have a database of thousands? Through segmentation and personalisation. Segmentation is simple enough. We can segment users by age, gender, interest, location and any other information they have provided our client with, so we can create a new email list based on the defined target audience for a campaign. So if a client wanted to promote their pop-up craft beer shop in Cambridge, we could use segmentation on a database to target men over 30 with an interest in ale in the vicinity.

Personalisation is more than starting an email with ‘HI NAME’. It could be sending users an automated email with a special offer on their birthday. Or it could be as advanced as saying ‘HI NAME’, as a regular drinker of BEER NAME, you might be interested in our pop-up real ale shop in YOUR LOCATION. Here’s a free beer voucher on us for your favourite tipple. Come and see us this weekend! We’re only X MINUTES away (based on user’s postcode), location details shown below.

And the more information users have provided, the more segmented and personalised these marketing communications can be – leading to better long-term customer relationships.

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