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Marketing analytics

Whatever it is you want to know about how visitors are interacting with your website, it’s likely that your Google Analytics account will be able to answer your questions. Whether users are leaving certain sections of your website, dropping out of the conversion funnel or simply not reading any of your articles, we can answer virtually any question that you may have relating to the performance of your website. And prove it with real data.

From knowing where users are clicking on your home page to behaviour flows through the website, we can provide valuable insights into where and why users convert or leave. And most importantly, as your digital agency we will suggest improvements based on our findings, not just our gut feel. If need be, we can also set up goals and event tracking on your website , so that clicks on specific on-page elements can be understood, compared and improved.

Marketing analytics produces the data to confirm or deny your beliefs about how your website is performing, allowing you to confidently plan future developments and marketing activity. The results may surprise you!

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