Social media agency

Get social with a team that really gets social

Effective social media is a must-have as part of any marketing plan. Our full-service social team craft effective multi-channel social strategies, rooted in creativity, to deliver success. We identify the best channels, create compelling content, target the right audiences, manage online communities and measure success in ways relevant to you.


A social media strategy is a fundamental part of your wider marketing and communications plan. We can work alongside you to create a focused strategy for your business, that will target your audience more effectively, expand and grow your brand’s awareness, and build loyalty. And, at every step of the way, we’ll help you formulate a series of metrics and benchmarks to measure your success over time and help you make better-informed, data-driven decisions.

Training and consultancy

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and to get the most out of them, you need to keep up to speed. Our training and consultancy services are a flexible option for brands looking to upskill within their team with the added value of agency expertise. From a one-off workshop to regular sessions, we can work with your marketing team to ensure they’re up to date on everything from basic best practice through to strategic planning and reporting.

Account management

Everyone can do social, right? Well, yes... but not everyone can do social well and deliver tangible business results. We work across B2B and B2C audiences, building custom programmes and curating relevant messaging across platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Let our talented team of social content creators manage your accounts and you’ll see the difference an expert team can make.


Social campaigns can bring a great boost for your business, with or without cross-promotion on other channels. Our clever people craft beautiful copy and create dynamic visual content targeting relevant audiences, or we can adapt an existing print or online campaign for social and create an integrated multi-channel promotion. We’ll pre-test, tweak and refine as the campaign rolls out to maximise effectiveness and provide comprehensive reporting.


To be seen by key audiences, brands need to think more cleverly about the content of their social posts, which is where our highly targeted advertising campaigns come in. Combining our creativity with insight-driven targeting to generate buzz and engagement, our paid promotional campaigns achieve an excellent return on investment for our clients, amplifying the organic reach of your posts to highly targeted audiences and potential customers.


It’s not just about the message: it’s who’s saying it. Our Social and PR teams work together to pinpoint the influencers that resonate with your consumers. From initial concept, research and recommendations through to management and monitoring, we’ll look after them and you. Influencer outreach is a cost-effective and powerful means of driving brand advocacy. Can you afford not to include it in your marketing plan?

Competitor analysis

We can all learn a lot from our competition. Our social media analytics platforms provide indispensable insights into competitor activity and by studying them, we can better understand your target audience as well as how to differentiate our campaign and secure you the best results. Combining competitor data with our own knowledge of the social landscape provides a clear picture of what’s happening on social and helps shape your strategy into a winning one.

Live event social

Bring your event to life with tailored messaging and creative content on social media. Use it to enhance and amplify the occasion in the run-up to, during and after your target audience and industry peers. We can create a complete strategy including recommended platforms and types of content, tone of voice and relevant hashtags. And, of course, we can also produce that content, schedule it and manage the channels on your behalf too.