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Influencer management

It’s not just about the message: it’s who’s saying it. Influencer marketing campaigns are where the worlds of public relations and social media truly combine, so we work closely as a team to pinpoint your key audience demographics, understand more about their interests and behaviours and build a tier of influencers that will best represent your brand to customers.

It’s not all about big numbers, though, as micro-influencers can have the highest levels of engagement to boost your brand awareness and reputation. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people over brand content and it’s fast becoming one of the most important parts of many companies’ marketing strategies.

Some influencers live purely on social media, some produce content through their own channels such as blogs and some will simply feature in your content, i.e. photos and videos. Either way, influencer outreach is a cost-effective and powerful means of driving brand advocacy. Can you afford not to?

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