Customer-centric IT brand transformed

16 November 2017 1 min read
Customer-centric IT brand transformed

Riverlite, a successful entrepreneurial business specialising in cloud-based IT-managed service solutions, sought the help of Mobas to define and transform its brand offering in a highly competitive market where standout is key.

Riverlite has seen significant growth over the last two years, but its brand identity didn’t represent the company’s bold vision, values and ethos. It looked to Mobas to provide a clear direction both strategically and creatively to deliver against its business objectives.

In a highly competitive marketplace, having a brand that can communicate their attributes and points of difference is essential. Mobas worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to undertake an integrated holistic 360-degree look at the business in order to truly understand what the company stands for.

It became clear from early insight that Riverlite’s key differentiator was the way in which it delivered its service. It has a highly customer-centric approach to its work from pre-start through to completion and this sets it apart from its business counterparts.

The unique essence that sits at the very heart of everything it does and one that encapsulates what Riverlite stands for was taking shape: ‘IT excellence through understanding’ was born and defined for Riverlite.

The transformation is incredible. Riverlite now owns a powerful strategic brand positioning along with a new visual identity and website that Mobas created, enabling Riverlite to communicate confidently and effectively across all touchpoints.

In an industry such as IT, where many players profess to do the same thing, it is the way in which Riverlite do things that differentiates them: IT excellence through understanding.

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