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Finding new and memorable ways to tell a brand’s story

The decision to launch a marketing campaign is never random: at the heart of it is the need or desire to communicate in the most effective way to the required audience. Whether a new product, or a corporate development, or a reinforcement of a new or refreshed brand, that message is key and will inform the creative route crafted.

At Mobas, understanding that motivation and the challenges you face is the first spark of our creative process. We do all we can to understand you, your audience, the journey you want to take them on, and the optimal outcome of that campaign’s specific narrative. Along the way we’ll incorporate your values, your personality and a swathe of Mobas creativity to make your message – and your brand – unique and unforgettable.

When strategy meets creativity

As any artist or craftsman will tell you, meticulous preparation is vital to any successful outcome, and Mobas’s creative approach is no exception. Long before a pad is doodled on, or a promising phrase is scribbled on a wall, our strategic team delve deep into the challenge at hand. Everything pertinent is dissected: your brand, your goals, your competitors and, of course, your audience. The results ensure not only that we have a deep understanding of you and your campaign. They’ll also guarantee that our ideas aren’t merely clever or beautiful or amusing – but that they’re targeted and have the impact of solid research behind them. It means that a unique blend of skills has gone into your creative: those that derive from our expertise as storytellers, strategists and, ultimately, your brand’s champions.

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NHS Its Not A Game

Getting to the heart of the issue

Society is more message-driven than ever before, with our brains receiving literally thousands of nuggets of information a day. With such an onslaught of noise, a successful message needs to cut through and be not only understood but remembered. Key to that is to identify the big idea – the essence of your brand that pierces your audience’s hearts – and to convey that essence in a meaningful, original and attractive way. At Mobas we use that big idea as a thread that runs through a campaign’s creative and strategic decisions, giving consistency and impact at every touchpoint.

Creativity’s three ingredients

Creativity is a fluid, untameable force! But if we had to break it down into core elements, we’d choose the three vital strands of inspiration, imagination and exploration.

The best ideas can come from an overheard comment, an image in a movie, a phrase in a novel – taking shards of real-life experience can be the best way in when it comes to putting a genuine message across. We also draw from a wide range of cultural, informational and technological sources if we need to find a certain spark to ignite our creative fuse.

A starting-point of insight and inspiration is fine – but taking it round unexpected corners and into unfamiliar settings will create surprise and originality. At Mobas we push those boundaries, challenge convention and forge refreshing but relevant ways to tell stories that truly engage.

Sleeping on a good idea is very effective! As is exploring related avenues, refining first thoughts and opening up creative approaches to others whose opinions and contributions can be so valuable. Evolving our initial concepts, often with the benefit of client input and comment, ensures that they remain creative but are strategically aligned to both brand and objective.

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Real-life end results

The Mobas creative process culminates in a unique and memorable campaign that lives out there in the real world. It will portray your brand effectively, it will tell your story imaginatively, and it will embrace your audience with engagement and information. It will use original ideas, stunning visuals, compelling copy, innovative digital experience – or a combination of all these – to stay in the memory, drive response and create a deep, meaningful connection with your brand.

Let us take you on that journey. Let’s explore just where we can take your brand, and how we can craft your message and your personality to have success and meaning for everyone: your own teams, the world at large and, most importantly, your target audience who’ll relate to you and your brand like never before.

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