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Video and animation dominate the ever-changing digital landscape – they’re the perfect tools to grab attention, convey your brand in an innovative way, and communicate messages effectively and elegantly. As clients discover our state-of-the-art video and animation creation services, they’re a valuable asset in the brand marketing mix, enhancing brands’ reputations and winning respect. Whether recruiting staff, presenting crystal-clear training modules, conveying complex infographics or showcasing new products or services, dynamic video plays a key role in our clients’ success.

Dynamic ways to tell your story

Video and animation are unique tools that can achieve so much: they boost and enhance brand awareness, they create a stir around new products, they grab potential new customers’ attention, they have unlimited internal applications – the list is endless. We understand how animated content needs to work most effectively, and we use the latest trends and programs to achieve those bespoke results and engage your audience like never before.

The Mobas suite of video and animation services

We offer a full spectrum of video and animation production services designed to cover every aspect of your visual content needs:

Corporate videos - Present your brand and company image with a professional video designed to reflect your personality, culture and vision.

Product demos - Take viewers through the features and benefits of a product or service in the best way possible, with a high-quality step-by-step video.

Animated explainers - Even the most complex ideas become simple to understand when presented in an engaging and educational animation.

Marketing campaigns - Get your latest marketing campaign off to the best start: launch it with video content designed to get people talking and encourage online shares.

Training and educational videos - Training programmes benefit no end from video modules. These revolutionise the education process and the flexibility they offer is always popular with employees.

Recruitment videos - Set your company apart from the rest and attract the best talent. Recruitment videos are the perfect way to highlight your company’s culture and the opportunities available.

Customer testimonials - Praise and recognition from the horse’s mouth. Testimonial videos offer a powerful way to boost trust and credibility with your audience.

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Why choose Mobas for video and animation?

Knowledge and experience - Our video and animation production team are all experts in their individual fields, working closely together to bring skills and rich experience to every project.

Bespoke creativity - We customise the video assets we create to your needs, incorporating all related brand styling to ensure your branding truly comes to life.

In-built strategy - All our video content is created with a close eye on the results of any preparatory strategic work. This means that all videos and animations remain tightly aligned to your brand’s personality and your overall marketing objectives.

Latest technology - We keep a finger on the pulse to ensure we’re up-to-date with trends and new technology. This ensures the results are always of the highest quality and offer maximum flexibility.

High-achieving video - The videos and animations we create are designed to get results for our clients. This may be boosting brand awareness, improving staff skills, driving product sales or increasing customer engagement.

Let’s make movies together

It’s all about content – and video stands head and shoulders above the rest. Animated assets allow you to present your brand with added style and dynamism, across a fresh medium, and give you the power to captivate your audience, and engage with new and potential customers in a more exciting and immediate way. A truly creative and professional production makes all the difference – so speak to Mobas.

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