Do’s and don’ts of logo design

04 January 2016 2 min read
Do’s and don’ts of logo design

There are many things that need to be considered when designing a logo and to us designers they represent the challenge of incorporating our clients’ ideas into one single graphic that is a point of recognition for their brand.


…add too much detail

The most iconic logos are the least complicated. They focus on the main element of the brand, either with a hidden meaning or visually, in a simple way. Less is more when it comes to logo design.

…go crazy with the number of fonts

The general rule for logo fonts is to keep to a two-font maximum. The use of several fonts can result in an inconsistent and non-versatile logo.

…follow trends

Trends quickly come and go and can leave your logo looking dated before it’s even been launched. There’s nothing wrong with gaining an insight into current ideas and concepts but try to come up with a design that won’t look outdated in a year’s time.

…be too literal

Try to come up with ideas that aren’t always blatantly obvious to the audience. Think of how imagery, icons or messages can be represented in a clever way or with hidden meanings. This will make your logo more memorable and captivating to your audience.


This can be detrimental to the integrity of your brand. By imitating someone else you’re showing a lack of creativity and originality. Branding is all about being able to set yourself apart from competitors and to stand out.


…define and research your audience

A logo is intended to be the ‘face’ of a company: it is to give a visual representation of your brand that appeals to your audience. Certain elements such as colours, fonts and imagery might appeal to you but not necessarily to the audience you’re trying to target. Researching your audience will help you to create a logo, which will connect directly with them.

…strive for something different

The creative process is a great opportunity to play around with ideas and really push your brand. It’s easy to take inspiration from what’s been done before but remember to be original and create a distinctive identity.

…keep it simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to design. Don’t over-complicate things for the sake of it. Some of the best and most iconic logos are simple but powerful and have stood the test of time.

…choose fonts wisely

Fonts play a major part in your logo’s appeal and character. Choosing the right font for your brand can communicate your core values and tone. Why not even try exploring custom fonts or even adapting the typeface itself to make it even more distinct and personal?

…study colour psychology

One of the most important factors of any logo is the use of colour. Colour choices, colour pairing and how colour is used can alter the perception of a brand. Having an understanding of colour psychology is vital in order to create a successful brand that triggers the appropriate response from the audience.

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