Media relations vs online influencer: there’s no contest, no really

11 July 2016 1 min read
Media relations vs online influencer: there’s no contest, no really

There’s been a lot of discussion recently of the notion that it’s: “Goodbye media relations and hello influencer relations!” At Mobas we’ve concluded that rather than closing a door on media relations, we’re simply navigating down a long tunnel with various entrances leading to the numerous communications platforms that now exist. This is exciting, and getting a handle on these evolving platforms is challenging – but if you get it right, the results for clients are well worth it.

Here at Mobas we’re intrigued by the changing landscape of PR. While the media is still an integral channel, the days of PRs just working with a list of trusty media contacts are long gone.

Influencers are everywhere and are continually shifting brand perception and buying decisions, so it’s a good idea to keep a watch and reach out to them. We monitor online conversations using a variety of specialist social media tools and contact influencers via various communication platforms, making it as easy as possible for them to respond and for us to gauge their interest.

Mobas operates within various sectors and we recommend the use of brand ambassadors, bloggers and case studies where appropriate for a number of our B2C clients. Our research has found that customers will often do their own research first, reading blogs, watching videos and referring to reviews, before they even touch base with a company’s own proactive communications and marketing.

In essence, PR is diversifying at a great pace, and the advantage that we have at Mobas is that working within an integrated and strategic marketing agency, we can tap into the expert advice needed to ensure we deliver the best results for our valued clients. Whether this is looking at website content, SEO or PPC – or any combination – Mobas can bring the elements together to form a solid and strategic delivery.

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