Mobas appointed by vet pharma company Ceva

14 June 2022 1 min read
Written by

Lorna Hopkins

Mobas appointed by vet pharma company Ceva

Mobas’ many years of working in the animal health sector has been further bolstered by a new appointment by international veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer Ceva. And our first challenge is to communicate a little-known feline condition to thousands of unaware cat-owners. 

Mention feline hypertension to any practising vet and they’re likely to respond with ‘Ah, the silent killer’. Hypertension, the technical term for high blood pressure, is prevalent in cats over seven years old – but few cat-owners are aware of the condition or its dangers.

The main reason is that many of the cat’s symptoms are invisible to the owner, hence ‘silent killer’. But there are signs to look out for, and Ceva, the veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer, came to Mobas for a campaign to increase awareness of the condition and therefore save the lives of cats and the heartache of their owners. 

Ceva produce the market-leading treatment for feline hypertension, Amodip, whose creative is approaching 10 years old. Although we’re obviously unable to market prescription drugs to a consumer audience, a fresh and memorable campaign to cat owners proves to vets that Ceva is supporting their work and recognises the importance of getting the information on the threat of high blood pressure out there. 

Mobas created a consumer campaign designed to be driven primarily through social media. It comprises a series of videos each highlighting a possible change of behaviour in elderly cats and the importance of getting to know your cat’s personality in order to spot the changes. The key takeaway is to book an annual blood pressure check for cats once they reach the age of seven. 

Lorna Hopkins, Mobas’ Client Director, commented:

‘Having a wealth of experience within the animal pharmaceutical industry, it’s been great to support a new area in raising awareness of feline hypertension. Our four-stage process – including a stringent creative testing phase with key audiences – has allowed us to deliver a campaign with confidence that will resonate and deliver impact. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with CEVA and are already starting work on a second campaign’. 

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