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Mobas unveils comprehensive guide to research for strategic business growth

08 August 2023 1 min read
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Adam Tuckwell

Mobas unveils comprehensive guide to research for strategic business growth

In an era of dynamic economic shifts and unforeseen market changes, having access to accurate and timely insights is the linchpin of success for any business. Recognising this imperative need, the insight team at Mobas has crafted a robust guide to conducting research that aims to empower businesses across various sectors.

Titled Using insight to drive business growth: a guide to conducting research, this guide serves as a practical compass for businesses navigating the complex terrains of consumer behaviour, market trends and strategic brand positioning. Whether you’re launching a new product, exploring a new audience or seeking to enhance your ROI, this guide provides direction on the most effective research techniques and approaches.

Robin Bryant, Mobas Managing Director, highlights the significance of the guide, stating: “In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, understanding your market is not just an advantage, it’s a necessity. Our guide demystifies the complex world of research, offering actionable insights and proven strategies. Whether a seasoned professional or just beginning your insight journey, this guide offers a valuable roadmap to informed decision-making, maximising opportunities and safeguarding against threats. It’s about empowering businesses to thrive in uncertainty.”

With real-world case studies, including effective strategies that helped refresh a manufacturer’s brand portfolio and engaging collaborative healthcare campaigns, Mobas illustrates the applicability and relevance of different research methodologies. The guide also offers vital tips on selecting the right research partner and maximising the benefits of external insight expertise.

From ongoing brand health pulse surveys to qualitative deep-dive workshops and creative testing, the guide lays down a strategy-led approach that stresses putting consumers at the heart of decision-making.
Want to drive your business towards success, maximise profits and stay ahead of the competition? Delve into this comprehensive guide and get started on your insight journey today! Mobas also offers a complimentary session with an insight expert to answer your specific business queries.

For your free, no-obligation session, follow the link to the guide and fill in the form. Let Mobas help you make informed and confident business decisions!

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