On the radar - May Edition

01 May 2022 2 min read
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Ofelia Di Re

On the radar - May Edition

Want a quick guide to what’s currently on Mobas’ radar? We’ve rounded up some essential items that question and inform on today’s business landscape. 

What you should be reading, listening to and attending this month 

We have a culture of continuous improvement at Mobas. We challenge our team to read and learn as much as they can about our world, our clients and their specialist areas. Why is this important? Because fresh ideas, thinking and approaches allow us to continually improve and develop to serve our clients as effectively as possible. 

As Harry Truman famously said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers”.

So if you're keen to develop but unsure where to start, each month we’re going to compile a list of what we as a team are reading, listening to and events we’re attending to give you a shortcut to great insights that will help you evolve as a leader. 

Here are our recommendations for May: 


What we’re reading 

If direct, actionable and insightful is your cup of tea, then Unleashed by Frances Frei and Anne Morriss is the leadership book for you. 

Named by Forbes magazine as one of ‘8 New Books That Will Make You a Better Leader In 2021’, Frei and Morriss call upon their experiences of working with global brands to offer an indispensable guide on leadership. The pair illustrate the importance of empowering others and how doing so can result in stronger teams, greater levels of trust, and ultimately greater levels of success – the hallmarks of ideal leadership.

We feel this book provides readers with a refreshed outlook on what it means to be a leader. 

What we’re listening to

If you’re thinking of something to listen to rather than read, then the Mobas team are currently obsessed with the Business Wars podcast. 

Business Wars is unlike any other business podcast out there. In each episode, two competing industry giants are pitted against one another in a detailed study of each other’s successes. The podcast is hosted by David Brown who not only has the gift of the gab but real insight and understanding of what makes businesses tick.

Our favourite episodes include Nike vs Adidas, McDonald’s vs KFC and Facebook vs Snapchat. Business Wars is an exceptionally well-researched podcast so listeners will not only enjoy learning about what happens behind the scenes but also get to pick up interesting facts, marketing techniques, and the battle tactics used by global giants. 

Business Wars is available on all major podcast platforms. 

What we’re attending

How leaders navigate the new era of work is the question on most leaders’ minds. If you’re trying to figure out what work arrangements your company needs to offer to retain the talent you need then we have just the event for you. Work futurist and author, Sophie Wade, will be chairing two-panel discussions in London and Edinburgh to bring diverse perspectives to this fast-evolving topic. 

The panel will share their wide-ranging operational and advisory expertise with backgrounds that span business sectors in the UK and around the world. The discussion will address topics that concern you every day – such as changing customer behaviours, operational upgrades, talent management and future growth. 

The events take place over two days, in London on Tuesday 24th May and in Edinburgh on 26th May where our MD, Adam Tuckwell, will be joining the panel.

Tickets are available here.

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