On the radar - October Edition

07 November 2022 2 min read
Written by

Adam Tuckwell

On the radar - October Edition

Want a quick guide to what’s currently on Mobas’ radar? We’ve rounded up some essential items that question and inform today’s business landscape.

What you should be reading, listening to and attending this month.

We have a culture of continuous improvement at Mobas. We challenge our team to read and learn as much as they can about our world, our clients and their specialist areas. Why is this important? Because fresh ideas, thinking and approaches allow us to continually improve and develop to serve our clients as effectively as possible.

As Harry Truman famously said, ‘Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers’.

So if you’re keen to develop but unsure where to start, each month we compile a list of what we as a team are reading, listening to and events we’re attending to give you a shortcut to significant insights that will help you evolve as a leader.

Here are our recommendations for October:

What we’re reading

This month we’re all frantically reading the latest book from Rory Sutherland, a career advertising man, if you didn’t already know.

His page-turner of a book, Alchemy: the Surprising Power of Ideas That Don’t Make Sense, explores Sutherland’s big theory that humans are driven not by logic but by what he calls ‘psycho-logic’. The book is a sustained attack on what he sees as the tyranny of economists insisting we are rational creatures whose choices are dictated by reason and price alone.

The book is packed with insight for business leaders and marketers looking to understand more about customers and why people think, act and purchase as they do. Those short on time can take a shortcut and watch Rory’s interview with Stephen Bartlett on Diary of a CEO.

What we’re listening to

Once you’ve digested Rory’s insights, I’d encourage you to plug in your headphones and tune in to the No Bull Business Women podcast, where Sarah Akwisombe chats with the best businesswomen in the game.

Just under 17% of all active companies are led by women, yet thought leadership is dominated by career-weary older white men, so this podcast series is refreshing listening for those looking to hear new ideas from successful entrepreneurs.

No Bull Business Women is available on all podcast platforms and online at nobullbusinessschool.com/podcast. 

What we’re attending

Now that face-to-face events are back in full swing, we highly recommend you attend the London Leadership Conference on 20th October. The events boast speakers from a range of national and international firms ranging from Salesforce to Lloyds, Allianz to the Bank of England and is guaranteed to give attendees plenty of food for thought as they prepare their strategies for 2023 and beyond.

If you have any recommendations of what we should be reading, listening to or events we should feature, please get in touch by emailing say.hello@mobas.com 

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