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19 March 2024 3 min read
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In conversation with...

...Adam Tuckwell, Director of Digital


How did your career evolve to get to the Director of Digital role?

My current role as Digital Director means that I’m responsible for the digital marketing and website development teams at Mobas, and while this is, to some degree, a technical specialism, the unifying thread that has run throughout my career has been communication. From my early roles in PR and marcomms to digital today, I’ve always had a passion for seeking out the best ways to communicate complex messages, which is exactly what we do at Mobas through our digital output.


What do you enjoy most about working in the digital marketing space?

I love the opportunities digital marketing gives us to experiment, test and learn as we go. Unlike traditional media or out-of-home, where there’s a huge investment required to deliver a campaign, in the world of digital we can experiment, build our own unique recipes for clients, and then test them to see how effectively they resonate. This gives us a great platform to adapt our campaigns and try new ideas and concepts at a fraction of the cost while also having all the tools and insights we need to measure the effectiveness of our work. It really is a marketer’s dream.

What changes have you seen from a digital perspective in the last few years – and what’s coming?

It’s no longer possible to speak in terms of years as the pace of change is both frightening and exhilarating in equal measure. Everyone speaks of AI and automation, which have hit the mainstream over the last 12-18 months, but we see innovation daily. While these tools can make us more efficient, we must be careful to use them wisely. I see the huge potential offered by AI if we treat it as a co-pilot, but true creativity comes from our strategy and creative implementation and, despite what you may read, that isn’t something AI can replace.


What do we mean by digital transformation?

When we talk about digital transformation, we’re focused on delivering holistic technical solutions to take businesses forward while delivering meaningful change. Whether that’s building e-commerce solutions for national brands or delivering digital campaigns that drive ROAS, we believe technology can have a huge potential on businesses when it’s delivered to align with company goals.


What are the key principles you believe are critical to driving effective digital marketing strategies?

The barrier to entry in digital marketing is low, which makes it dangerous in the wrong hands. Our key focus with all our digital campaigns is to apply a comprehensive strategy from the outset. Digital isn’t a strategy: it’s a combination of tactics to use to communicate a message, so all our campaigns begin with a clear strategic plan, looking at target audiences and devising the best way to reach and influence them. If digital is the most effective route, then we’ll adopt it, but we’re always wary when people approach us for a digital campaign without a clear rationale for why it’s the best channel for their audience and challenge.


What problems are we solving for clients with digital solutions, and what are you seeing more of?

In the past people approached us because they ‘felt’ that their website needed updating. Today, we have analytics at our fingertips, which allows us to make more informed decisions. We firmly believe that websites and digital channels are one of the most valuable assets – if not the most – in your marketing armoury, but the days of decision-making by gut are thankfully long gone. Our skill at Mobas is interpreting that data and translating it into a digital solution that will take businesses forward.


How do you measure the success of digital?

Measuring success is so important, but I’m constantly surprised by the number of campaigns I see where measurement is an afterthought. Digital gives us the luxury of measuring so many details and variables, but this is only useful if clear KPIs and OKRs are set from the outset. At Mobas, we always seek to benchmark competitors during our research and learning phase and then work with our clients to devise stretch targets for each campaign, aligned with their respective business objectives.


What makes Mobas exceptional at what it does, and why should someone come to us?

People should approach us because we’re naturally curious and aren’t afraid to act as critical friends to our clients. We never seek to deliver a solution: we want to help firms grow by adding value well beyond the campaigns we were appointed to support.


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I could say it’s my three-year-old springer spaniel or, failing that, one of my three young sons, but I’m a real morning person. The first thing I do when I wake up is head out with my dog for a long walk. Sometimes this is a great time to mull over work and client projects but, equally, I’m just as likely to have my earbuds in listening to music or a podcast.


Can you share an interesting fact about yourself that few people know about?

There’s a photo of me receiving a Guinness world record in one of their recent gamer editions! I was representing a former employer at a trade fair and was the only one on the stand at lunch when the team from Guinness arrived, although that’s not the story I’ve told my kids, who proudly show it to visitors to our home.

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