Work Experience at Mobas: An Overview

05 July 2023 3 min read
Work Experience at Mobas: An Overview

Written by Dante Izuogu

Embarking on work experience can be an intimidating prospect for many. The thought of stepping out of the familiar school routine and into the world of work can be quite daunting. The first hurdle to overcome is finding a placement that aligns with your interests, followed by the fear of making mistakes in a real company setting. However, at Mobas, all of these concerns quickly disappeared. Here is an overview of the enriching work experience Mobas offers, delving into its various components, and explaining how it became a significant learning curve for me personally.

During my time at Mobas, I gained valuable insights into the challenges that companies face on a daily basis while handling clients and striving to meet deadlines. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work closely with each sector of the business, exposing me to a wide range of challenges. This diverse exposure allowed me to make the most of my two weeks there and provided a solid foundation for future career opportunities.

Working alongside the Marketing Team, I learned the intricacies of improving website rankings on search engines and techniques to drive increased traffic to a site. I learned about search engine optimization (SEO) and explored strategies to create engaging content that resonates with target audiences. I discovered the importance of keyword research, meta tags, and backlinks in enhancing a website's online visibility. Through watching this process in real time, I acquired practical skills that can contribute to the success of any digital marketing campaign.

While working with Strategy & Research, I learned about the importance of research for the branding process, carried out through methods such as surveys and interviews. I realised how the research behind the scenes is often underestimated, maybe even skipped, and how much of an impact a good research process can have on a successful business transformation. In a world where AI becomes more and more powerful in its capabilities, many people would overlook research as another sector that can be done digitally. However, a fundamental understanding  of people and their behaviours is needed, and real people are needed to understand what appeals to other humans.

During my time with the Digital Team, I was able to gain a certificate in HubSpot CRM after completing the  online course in HubSpot Academy. In addition to this, I contributed by auditing a website and finding potential weaknesses. I also spent some time scraping images from a site, to be re-used in the newly designed webpage. The work I did with digital was important in helping me understand the software that is used at this level.

Additionally, my involvement with the Design Team allowed me to contribute to the design process for a client's website, honing my skills in that area. I particularly enjoyed creating a mood board based on stock images for a client in need of imagery for their site.

Throughout my two weeks at Mobas, I had the privilege of attending client meetings, both online and in person, which provided me with invaluable insights into effective client communication. I observed how professionals handle client expectations, address concerns, and provide solutions. These experiences taught me the importance of active listening, clear communication, and building strong relationships with clients.

Personally, I wholeheartedly recommend Mobas as a placement opportunity for students from year 10 and above. Whether your interests lie in programming, sales, or art and design, Mobas offers a fulfilling experience. The team are incredibly friendly and always willing to help, making for a wonderful atmosphere in the workplace. The work experience at Mobas not only provided me with practical skills but I also gained a deeper understanding of the professional world.

The hands-on experience I gained at Mobas was invaluable in shaping my career aspirations. It provided me with a clear picture of the various sectors of marketing and design, helping me discover my strengths and interests. The time spent working with different teams allowed me to explore different career paths and make more informed decisions about my future.

Beyond the technical skills, the work experience at Mobas also taught me important life skills. I learned the value of time management, as I had to juggle multiple tasks and meet deadlines. I developed problem-solving skills as I encountered challenges and found creative solutions. The experience also enhanced my communication skills, both in written and verbal forms, as I interacted with professionals and clients.

Looking back, my time at Mobas was a transformative experience. It not only provided me with a valuable introduction to the world of work but also helped me develop a strong foundation for my future career opportunities. The range of practical skills and industry insights I gained during this work experience will definitely have a positive impact on my growth intellectually.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Mobas as a placement opportunity for students seeking meaningful work experience. It offers diverse and comprehensive exposure to various aspects of marketing, design, and strategy. The supportive work environment and the chance to collaborate with experienced professionals make Mobas an ideal place to develop valuable skills and gain insights into the professional world. My work experience at Mobas was an incredible learning curve, and I am grateful for the opportunities it provided.

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