Brand lags behind customer experience for student travel firm

30 October 2017 1 min read
Brand lags behind customer experience for student travel firm

With 98% of its clients saying they would actively recommend its service, marketing should be a breeze for Further and Higher Travel (FHT). But the business, which organises educational trips for further and higher education colleges, felt its brand lagged behind this high level of customer satisfaction. Mobas was appointed to address this.

Some previous work had been done on defining the FHT brand, so the first step for Mobas was to validate those findings and to then add an additional layer of insight through one-to-one interviews. This revealed some fascinating results.

While traditional holiday companies sell the dream with pictures of exotic locations, in education it is FHT’s highly knowledgeable problem-solving approach that customers value. With new destinations emerging, and safety a key concern, the quality of its value-added customer service is the winning element, and that is what Mobas put at the heart of the brand.

The brand map developed for FHT put its essence as The Tour Solvers at its heart, and this mantra has become a key part of the brand, appearing as a quality assurance stamp and a badge for proud staff members. While the visual brand has been modernised, the greatest impact has come from recognising what is important to the market and aligning FHT’s ability to meet this need perfectly.

The process has also been hugely motivating to the whole FHT team, who take great pride in their new Tour Solvers identity. So successful has the project been that brand strategy agency Mobas is now in discussion with other businesses in the group.

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