Brand transformation: the chairman’s view

31 May 2018 2 min read
Brand transformation: the chairman’s view

More value from your agency relationship and more successful outcomes for your brand – these are the benefits for businesses choosing to work alongside Mobas according to Matt Meyer, a man with a unique dual perspective. The Mobas non-exec chairman has also seen the agency from a client’s viewpoint, as CEO of Taylor Vinters, the global law firm that supports innovative and entrepreneurial businesses.

Not surprisingly, he is a passionate advocate of the Mobas approach to brand transformation – and quick to pinpoint its advantages for any businesses driven by a growth imperative.

“I’ve seen the impact of brand transformation as a client and I think that gives me a really clear perspective of what it means for clients when we take that proposition out to the market,” he says. “Mobas starts with the question ‘what needs to be achieved’ and importantly ‘why’. It doesn’t start with how are we going to do the project, it starts with why are we going to do the project. And that is a key differentiator among agencies. Once we’ve established what that strategic objective we can then bring all the talents and skills that fall in behind that objective. So starting with strategy is key.”

According to Matt, the strategic emphasis gives a much better insight into what a business is trying to achieve: “This means better outcomes and importantly from the business perspective it also means better value – and that’s got to be the key in any successful business.”

With his background as a lawyer, much of Matt’s early career was spent globetrotting and advising technology and innovation businesses on strategic initiatives. As well as wearing his Mobas and Taylor Vinters hats, he is chairman of a technology business specialising in artificial intelligence.

He describes himself as a “very happy client” of Mobas, and remembers the brand transformation project as an absorbing exercise that delivered on every level.

“It was a fascinating project for me as a business leader because as well as revolutionising the market position of the business it created a unity and confidence inside the business which drove growth almost immediately. The commercial impact of what was done was very significant.”

Looking ahead, he places Mobas among a new wave of “smart agencies” marshalling the power of strategy, technology and creativity to deliver success for clients.

Says Matt: “We’re definitely seeing polarisation, with commodity-based players in a race to the bottom frankly, and with focused, more differentiated agencies creating space at the top of the market. We’re also seeing that technology and data are playing a much greater part in what the more strategic agencies like Mobas are doing. And this for me is a really interesting aspect – in fact at Mobas we’ve been exploring some of the opportunities that a greater focus on behavioural science and behavioural data analytics play in informing the campaigns that we advise clients on.

“And let’s not forget creativity. It is a quality that has always defined great agencies – and Mobas has a culture of creativity that infuses every department and every aspect of the business. With a future as exciting as it is unpredictable, an agency’s particular brand of creativity will help it to prosper.”


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