Branding and the digital age

03 June 2019 2 min read
Branding and the digital age

Social Media Executive Jennifer Hudson talks about why branding is so important on social media and how it can impact your business.

When you think of branding, a few major companies come to mind. We all know who Coca-Cola and Virgin are, probably because of their super-recognisable logos and inspirational messaging but also the brand consistency across their social media channels.

So why is branding so important? Offline, it’s a tool which allows a business to stand out against their competitors by showcasing their identity. This can be as simple as the bright red label of a Coke bottle or the iconic V of the Virgin logo on the side of a train. Over the last 10 years, the world has become more digitally focused, meaning that the need to represent your business online and on social media has never been so important.

Tone of voice

Facebook alone recently recorded 2.7 billion active users globally, and Twitter has 126 million daily users.

There are a lot of people out there who are relevant and receptive to what you do as a business on social media, who like to be communicated with about your products, trending topics or your insight into industry news. 

If you’re a corporate brand like Microsoft, your followers will be expecting professionalism and insight in your messaging, however, if you’re a fun, lifestyle brand such as Starbucks, your audience will probably engage with you in a more relaxed way.

You’ll need to tailor your messaging and communication to suit your audiences as all businesses and industries are different. One factor will always stay the same: customers will always look for a credible business who they can trust, otherwise they’ll look for somebody else who can.

This means not only talking about what makes your products or your campaigns so great but also dealing with customer complaints in your tone of voice and identity.
It can only take one bad experience of a customer talking to you online to devalue your brand as your response can be shared / retweeted across a channel. 

Imagery and photography

Just like your logos, the imagery used across your social channels should represent who you are as a business.

By using high-quality photography, you’re showing your audience that you’re a high-quality brand with good attention to detail. Sometimes you have to rely on stock photography across your social channels: this can make your content generic so it wouldn’t hurt to add some brand colours or designs to the image to make it your own.

We would always recommend using your own photography to make your brand as authentic and tied together as possible.

It’s incredible how many times you see imagery used with the wrong dimensions across social media. Something so simple could reflect poorly on your brand, and you could be recognised by your followers going forward for the wrong reasons.

Branding as a business is your DNA. It should remain true to who you are and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Don’t let the little things stand in your way from becoming a recognised and trusted brand in your industry.

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