Decoding digital marketing performance with Google Data Studio

25 February 2020 2 min read
Decoding digital marketing performance with Google Data Studio

Reporting can be a highly time-consuming task for any marketing manager, particularly when you’re reporting across multiple platforms and campaigns. There are many digital marketing reporting tools out there, but they all seem to lack the ability to automate and be customised to fit your business or campaign objectives. Social Media Account Manager Carl Banks explains the benefits of using Google Data Studio. 

Google Data Studio is a must-have for any marketing professional who needs to cut time from their regular reporting tasks, and craft insight-driven digital marketing reports for their teams and stakeholders.

At Mobas we take reporting seriously, and understand the need for our clients to have full oversight of their digital marketing activity and ROI. We take Google Data Studio reporting to the next level: as a Supermetrics partner we are able to connect our clients’ dashboards to PPC, SEO, social, analytics, email marketing and payment platforms. This partnership makes our dashboards the most complete reporting experience available. 

There’s a host of benefits to using Data Studio for your reporting. Here are some examples:

Real-time data

Data Studio can collect real-time data from your website. This means you get instant reports, up to date, with the capabilities of adjusting it to show any time period. Other reporting tools can restrict your data, only allowing you to review the past three months at any time – this is not an issue with Data Studio and you get to view up-to-the-minute stats.


Complete customisation allows you to choose what sets of data you want to see and even blend different sets of data to get a better overview of your results. For example, if you want to see how your Instagram reach looks against your Facebook reach, Data Studio lets you do that. Other reporting tools often restrict the type of data and measurements you can track, making it difficult to get exactly what you need from a report.

With Data Studio, it’s possible to track the performance of a particular campaign: data can be filtered to display only campaign results from social media metrics, through to specific website conversions.

Another strength of the customisation functionality are the design capabilities making it easy to create an on-brand experience, to share with your team and stakeholders.


As Data Studio is a web-based platform it allows seamless collaboration with members of the team who can access and edit the dashboard at any time. You also have the flexibility to assign permissions to different people depending on whether they need full access to edit the dashboard, or view-only rights.

Easy exporting and sharing

Forget ugly CSV exports, Data Studio gives you lots of options when exporting your data – you can password-protect it, you can share it live to the client or stakeholder, you can export it as a standard PDF, and you can even schedule it to be emailed automatically at a specific time each week. This makes regularly reporting very easy and allows you more time to focus on the data and improving the results.

To find out how Data Studio can help your company, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to sit down and help get you started.

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