Meet the Transformers - Greg Bryant

07 May 2021 3 min read
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Greg Bryant

Meet the Transformers - Greg Bryant

In the latest instalment of our Meet the Transformers Series, Greg Bryant, Mobas' Creative Director discusses what makes Mobas' approach to creativity so different, what he is most proud of and why he loves coming into work every day. 

Video Transcript

I'm Greg Bryant. I am Creative Director at Mobas. My role at Mobas is to have hands-on with all things, all things creative. So everything that comes in or out of the design studio or the creative studio has my touch on it, but also anything that comes through the agency as a whole that needs a creative thought process or a spark or an idea falls within my remit. But my day-to-day work is being within the design studio and coming up with ideas and making sure things work and look great.

There are a few things that I'm really proud of, particularly here at Mobas. There's obviously a lot of brands and a lot of campaigns we've done like the Royal Society of Chemistry campaign that's still running at the moment, and still performing and still doing really well. I'm immensely proud of that and other campaigns that we do for other clients. But on a personal level, I'm really proud of the way that I've carved out this role for myself.

It's something I've always been passionate about, right from a really early age, I was always sat at drawing boards, drawing staff, using markers, scribbling things down, and always just doodling and coming up with ideas. And I'm really proud and I'm really pleased that I've been able to take my passion and turn it into a career here at Mobas.

The thing that really drives me in my role. There are lots of different things, but one of the real things that I have a real drive for that I really love about it is coming into the office every day and having variety and doing different things and having different challenges. I really enjoy the challenge of every brief, particularly creative briefs, where I'm asked to come up with something or to create an idea, and everything that we do has to be different. Otherwise, we're creating the same thing. So the challenge of testing myself to deliver for clients, but not just deliver, to kind of over-deliver and make sure that what we give them is the best that it can possibly be. It's something that's completely unexpected or exciting, and that's the thing that excites me. It excites me to come up with ideas that excite clients.

One of the things I've learned about myself while working at Mobas and while working in this role is to have that passion about what you do and to believe in what I do as much as I can. You need to be flexible, and I've definitely learned over my time in creating things that you can't be overly personal about some of the work, because you're not creating something that is great for you. We're having to create stuff that's great for clients. And for that reason, sometimes you have a great idea, but you need to bend it slightly and you need to twist it and work it and make sure that it works to meet the brief and to meet the needs of the clients. And see that as a challenge. 

When you've got an idea, an idea isn't just set in one thing, sometimes it needs to work in a slightly different way or an extra piece of information comes in and you need to be able to flex it and bend it and be agile enough to keep the core of the idea, but still make it tick all the boxes and work for the way that the client needs it to work. And what gets me really excited is when brands and companies are brave in what they do. When they're willing to step outside their comfort zone, and when they're willing to try new things and to push boundaries and that there are loads of different companies in different industries that do that, and that a brave. And bravery comes at different levels. It's not always about being loud and brash. It's about being brave in your particular space, and those brands that push those boundaries and try new things, and sometimes it doesn't always work. But sometimes you try them and that pushes you as a brand forward. And that's one thing that I really respect about a lot of brands is that bravery to push boundaries and try new things and put yourself out there to be shot down.

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