Meet the Transformers - Jay Evans

02 April 2021 2 min read
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Jay Evans

Meet the Transformers - Jay Evans

In the latest instalment of our Meet the Transformers Series, Jay Evans, Mobas' Head of PR discusses how we help develop and grow our clients through PR, communications and social media. 

Video Transcript

My name is Jay Evans and I'm the Head of PR and Social Media at Mobas. I am the storyteller, media relations and reputation manager of our clients, whether that's through the media and across social media.

The one thing I really love about my role at Mobas and my career, is the ability to instigate change. Change the narrative, change the conversation, that could be for social change. It could be for change of the client, the brand, but we have an opportunity to get involved in what is the current news agenda, or even start to set the news agenda. And that makes such an exciting part of my day, when a good bit of coverage lands, I still get that flutter in my stomach and the excitement I used to get when I was an accounts exec, 20 years ago. But I think the thing that I'm personally most proud of, is developing the media coverage for our clients, so using my contacts from my career to take these clients to another level with their coverage, whether that's in national media, across TV and radio.

I think the reason that clients should consider Mobas, is ... there's a variety of reasons, our diverse nature, our multi-platform approach, but also our ability to add something to every divisional client that we have. So a PR client would benefit from the creative, the strategy teams. We are a diverse and interesting bunch of people and actually that brings out a lot of creativity across the board. And sometimes clients come to us with one approach, one thought, and actually by the time they've got to speak to an array of Mobas people, they change their entire outlook on their marketing campaigns.

Since I've been at Mobas, I've certainly followed last year working from home. So, I've learned to develop relationships in a very virtual capacity. So I've actually had to manage people in a very different way, but also I've learned a lot about my style and my ability to understand how I operate and understand how clients operate in a world where we can't see each other face-to-face. It's proved that we have the ability and skills to deliver, even in the most difficult circumstances. I think the world is changing in a very big way. So, corporate social responsibility's taken a massive step forward, and I think they now need to look at their diversity, their ability to look at their workforce and make sure that they are mentally, physically supported. And they open up their business, their marketing, to show that there is a personality and a responsibility behind their brand, or their corporate values.

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