Meet the Transformers - Robin Bryant

19 March 2021 2 min read
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Robin Bryant

Meet the Transformers - Robin Bryant

In the first of our Meet the Transformers Series, Robin Bryant, Mobas' Founder and Joint-MD discusses how he develops a Maverick Mindset within Mobas. 

Video Transcript

I'm Rob Bryant, founder and managing director of Mobas. The core of my role is about helping the business drive forwards, keeping to strategy, keeping firmly on our journey, and I guess, driving what we would call a Maverick Mindset into the business. One that everybody can buy into, everybody can believe in which then ultimately drives the success for the business and our clients.

Mobas offers something quite different to both traditional marketing agencies and also strategic consultancy practices. We sit firmly in the middle, one where we can offer strong strategic advice and guidance for growth or acquisition or taking a product to market or elevating a brand. 

Our work isn’t transactional, what we do is relationship and partnership based. So we're in it alongside our partners, our clients, to recognise their opportunity, which ultimately drives success. And the success is what we are firmly focused on, as opposed to just that transactional short-term relationship. 

It's a reciprocal process. If we drive success, the client is more successful, we then become more successful. And in that basis, that is a true partnership. And that for me is why I believe clients should choose Mobas, because they understand why and they want to choose Mobas.

My inspiration really does come from two factors. The first factor is the immense and amazing businesses and clients that we are fortunate enough to work alongside. And the trust that they give us in helping them deliver and develop their brand and their business. And that really is inspirational, that somebody comes to us asking us for advice, and they value that advice. And the second source of inspiration comes from the Moby's the Mobas team. Every day I'm blown away and inspired by both their expertise as individuals within their own area of specialism, but also their dedication and commitment to our cause, which is driven by our customers cause.

What I've learned most about myself is to not take myself too seriously. To try and instill confidence and conviction and passion into the team. And that I am a leader and I'm not a manager, and therefore being somebody that can set a vision and walk that talk and deliver that vision and inspire people is really one of the biggest things that I've learned.

Looking ahead, the biggest challenges for business leaders is one of being brave, one of committing to their businesses and their customers businesses, and the sectors for which they operate within. If we sit on our hands as business leaders, we will immediately fail, especially in this ever-changing world. I do firmly believe that having a passion to continue to deliver both within your business and for your customers that make your business is the essential part of success as we move forward over the next 48 months. We have to change, we have to evolve and we have to understand why we're going to change and evolve. And that fundamentally for me is aligned to the needs of the ever-changing audiences, for which businesses interact with, their customers, the reason why they exist.

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