Mobas’ internship programme is thriving

23 November 2016 2 min read

The public relations team at Mobas has welcomed two fantastic student interns this year, and has now employed one graduate as a PR Account Executive.

Catie Allwright joined Mobas in May this year whilst completing a Master’s degree in Journalism & Media Communications at the University of Hertfordshire. With a flair for social media, copywriting and reporting, Catie now works with multiple clients and has revolutionised the team’s processes with a live media monitoring dashboard. After four months as an intern, she was offered a full-time position as soon as she had finished her studies.

Catie said: “The opportunity to prove myself is one that I’ve been seeking for a long time. From day one I have never felt like an inconvenience or oversight, with immediate trust and recognition. I’m really proud to now be a permanent fixture to help drive the agency’s future development as well as my own career in PR.”

Mobas’ current intern, Lucie Paterson, is working at the strategic marketing agency for six months as part of her degree in Public Relations. She has fitted seamlessly into the team, working on a range of tasks from developing and presenting pitches to clients, compiling consumer surveys and extensive video editing.

Lucie said: “The experience working in a professional environment has been invaluable to my academic and professional progress, and I’ve loved the challenge of working on a variety of clients to test and strengthen my abilities. After being part of such a friendly and fun team I’ll be returning to Sheffield Hallam with a lot of fond memories.”

Over the years Mobas has opened its doors to a range of aspiring interns to give them a taste of agency life and to help new talent understand the world of PR.

Adam Tuckwell, Director of PR, Social & Content, says: “Some agencies see interns as an inconvenience and don’t invest time in training their student staff, getting them to make the tea and do the photocopying. We approach our internship programme differently. Our interns work with real clients on live projects, products and issues. We are lucky to be able to select only those who are hugely talented, bright and have a much clearer vision for what they want to achieve in their careers than I did at their age.

“The longer we spend working in PR and the higher we progress up the management tree, it is easy to slip into the mind-set that we know all there is to know. While our interns are busy getting their hands dirty learning the ropes, we are always on the lookout for what we can learn, or re-learn, from them.

“It has been incredibly valuable to observe how they consume media, helping us become more specific with how we connect with our clients’ target audiences. Traditional media is less appealing to younger generations, reflected in our ever-expanding social media offering. Aligned to this cultural shift is the evolution of our public relations tools.

“I have found my interns to have an infectious sense of wonder. They question everything, encouraging us to do likewise. This self-awareness ensures that all our activity remains tightly focussed around strategic objectives and delivering purpose.”

For more information on our internship programme, see the careers section of the Mobas website. To apply, drop us a line at

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