Mobas opens Transformation Hub and embraces agile working

27 August 2021 1 min read
Written by

Adam Tuckwell

Mobas opens Transformation Hub and embraces agile working

Mobas, the Cambridge-based transformation business, has responded to the disruption of the Covid pandemic by seizing the opportunity to embrace a more agile approach to how the team operates and works with the agency's partners. 

As the roadmap towards the relaxing of Covid restrictions continues to progress, the Mobas team have reshaped the Cambridge office to act as a creative hub where the agency's creative, brand and strategy, digital marketing and PR teams will work collaboratively with colleagues from across the agency. 

The office will be open daily, but the team will benefit from a blended approach, offering the best of both worlds. Although the office will be open daily for those who want to use it, the team will be encouraged to work remotely on Mondays and Fridays to provide focus time at the start and the end of the week. 

Speaking about the recent changes, Mobas' Commercial Director Adam Tuckwell said, "As a team, we have learnt so much about how we work best throughout the pandemic. After 18 months of home working, we know that a blended approach will offer our team the best of both worlds. We know there are benefits to remote working, and equally, we have all missed the collaboration of face to face time with the team. We have always been resolute in our commitment to delivering excellence for our clients and believe that this new working model will allow the team to continue to grow and flourish." 

In addition to the change in working patterns, Mobas has invested heavily in new technology to aid collaboration and opened a new Transformation Hub. This multi-purpose space will be available for workshops, presentations and events. In addition to the new Hub, extensive changes have also been made to the Cambridge office to develop more breakout rooms and collaboration spaces to allow the team to get the most out of their time together and seamlessly connect with clients and remote colleagues. 

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