Podcast: What’s the point of marketing during a crisis?

09 April 2020 1 min read
Written by

Adam Tuckwell

Podcast: What’s the point of marketing during a crisis?

During the episode three of Mobas’ after-hours podcast series, What’s the Point?, Greg Bryant (Creative Lead), Adam Tuckwell (Commercial Director), Katie Vickery (Head of Brand Strategy and Insight) and Claire Durrant (Head of Social Media) explore what is the point of marketing during a crisis.

With the UK now in full lockdown as the Coronavirus pandemic continues, marketers are moving into uncharted territories… It all sounds a bit scary, but with remote working now in full effect should marketers down tools and archive their campaigns or should they pivot onto new channels to make the most of the digital landscape still available to everyone?

A recent survey by Marketing Week paints a grim picture for the UK. The survey of 849 UK brand marketers found that almost nine in 10 marketers are now delaying campaigns in response to COVID-19. Across the majority of sectors, marketers are putting spending on ice as 69% see demand for their brands’ products and services plummet amid the worsening coronavirus pandemic.

In the podcast, the team discuss that not all businesses and brands are acting in the same way. While many are choosing to suspend their print or outdoor activity, others are stepping up community engagement and shifting their focus to highlighting how their products and services can actually help people during this difficult time.

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