Why your logo is the icing on the cake

15 September 2015 1 min read
Why your logo is the icing on the cake

“A logo is not a brand unless it's on a cow,” says AdamsMorioka in the Logo Design Workbook and we, at MobasCore, fundamentally agree. Clients often come to us looking for a brand identity refresh and our first response is “we don’t design logos”. And we don’t; we craft, hone and develop strong brands from the inside out.

A brand is so much more than a visual ‘face’ of the company. It goes beyond designing a logo and applying it to things like stationery, signage and brochure design; a brand is what sits at the very heart of a business and is the guiding force for everything the business says and does.

We believe that a business can only be successful once it has a clear brand essence – a reason for being – at its core. The business can then build on this foundation in a way that constantly reinforces and strengthens the brand at every touchpoint.

This is what we call the “Totality of a Brand” and the logo itself is simply the skin the brand wears – the icing on the cake.

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