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Our digital marketing team specialise in Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Search, Social Media Advertising, Google Data Studio, Data Analytics and more. Acting as an extension of your team, we tailor marketing campaigns to suit our client’s needs and goals to produce excellent results and ROI. 
We’re always up to speed on new technology which we push to its limits to help our clients reach their target customers. We provide detailed reports with clear measurements, analysis and accountability as we know our clients want to regularly check the success of their campaigns.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC ads deliver to qualified leads that are highly measurable ROI so can be a brilliant way to gain additional traffic. Our PPC campaigns help clients achieve cost-effective visibility for search terms they wouldn’t otherwise rank highly for in organic searches.

Social media marketing

Our award-winning social media team deliver both strategy and execution across all channels and including social advertising. As a crucial part of marketing and more specifically digital marketing; we deliver creative campaign-based and branded content to your audiences.

Inbound and email marketing

Our inbound marketing specialists define the overarching strategies that pull your audience in through from social media, SEO, content and email marketing techniques to drive engagement upon landing pages or specific website pages. Our methods deliver tangible, measurable results.

Marketing automation

Our technical team within our digital marketing department create smooth automation for email, social media and websites; they scope the process and write the program based up the end-users requirements, allowing special tasks, not standard, to take priority.

Display advertising

An ideal way to put your brand in front of your ideal customer's minds across multiple platforms succinctly. We deliver campaigns based on analysis for frequency, channels, retargeting filters and keywords to maximise cost-effectiveness.

Data segmentation and personalisation

Your marketing is only as good as your targeting, so we offer comprehensive data segmentation as well as creative ways to personalise your campaigns to make them really hit home. We can segment users by age, gender, interest, location and any other information provided, and we love coming up with inventive new ways to add personality and personalisation to your marketing. It all helps forge better long-term customer relationships, which in turn leads to a better bottom line.

Inbound marketing

Spanning content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and branding, we can define your overall inbound marketing strategy. We spend time understanding who your audience is, where they hang out, what their interests are and how best to reach them. We also consider how to draw them in through landing pages, content and service offerings. But most important is converting them to action, so whether you’re looking to build a following, capture new leads or increase awareness, your inbound marketing delivers tangible results.

Marketing analytics

Whatever you want to know about how visitors are interacting with your website, your Google Analytics account can answer your questions. It collects a huge amount of data that can measure performance and confirm or deny assumptions, allowing you to confidently plan future developments and marketing activity. We’ll help you understand, interpret and analyse that data to identify improvements and refine your future activity, making it work harder and smarter all the time.


SEO is the bread and butter of all digital marketing, it’s the first step when defining your market proposition and website design. To be known by Google; we have a thorough process of SEO options provided by our website design team.


Search Engine Optimisation

Do you want to rank higher on Google? Using the best SEO tools on the market, we analyse your website and recommend ways to make your site more visible. Search Engine Optimisation is critical to any brand, and at Mobas we ensure our clients have the best overview of how to improve their site by using Google Data Studio reporting to provide 24/7 access to your full SEO profile.

We have a range of SEO packages available depending on your needs and budgets, but our standard three-step approach involves a full site audit, provision of key actions for SEO improvement and a review to help us continue to work alongside you to make improvements. From technical SEO to on-page SEO and keywords, every single part of our SEO analysis is clearly reported, and if required, we can even make the site changes in-house using our expert Website Design Team.

Award-Winning Social Media

When used strategically social media marketing can be the key to reaching your audience, communicating your message and impacting true business goals.

With people spending increasing amounts of time on their smartphones and engaging in social media platforms, if your brand isn’t showing up in that space, you run the risk of being forgotten. Our award-winning team of digital marketing experts craft strategic social media strategies that deliver more than just vanity metrics. Using an ever-evolving approach to strategy, well-written social media content and detailed reporting, our team focus on helping you reach your business goals while continually demonstrating ROI.

Social media advertising is a crucial element in many marketing strategies, and our team offer packages to assist with this. Whether it’s a cross-channel strategy campaign that you would like to implement yourself, or a full social campaign that you would like us to run for you, we can tailor our approach to your needs.

Our team has several years of experience working on all paid platforms for a number of large and small, B2C and B2B clients, so we can cater to all types of businesses. If you want to target your audience, but you’re not sure exactly who they are, our digital marketing team can work alongside our specialist Brand & Strategy team to help you define your most valuable audience and create the perfect campaign.

As with any form of digital marketing, it’s vital that all results are monitored and optimised.  We use Google Data Studio to report on all digital campaigns, helping you to see clear results without needing to be an expert in the field.

Paid Search

Paid Search or Pay-per-click is another form of paid online advertising where you pay every time a user clicks on your online advert. PPC ads are a critical part of any digital marketing strategy, and at Mobas, we make every click count.

Our expert team use their experience of over 25 years, working on some of the biggest brands, to create bespoke Google ad campaigns for our clients; using the very best research tools and technical techniques. Utilising Google Data Studio, our clients have access to real-time updates of how the campaigns are performing. PPC isn’t a stand-alone entity, and to ensure the best customer journey, the Mobas Design team will work with you to optimise landing pages so they complement all PPC activity; helping to maximise conversions, improving cost per click and increasing impressions.

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