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Our scoping process

We appreciate that every website design is different however the principles of scoping are the same for each project. We use the same proven three-step process for all projects to ensure that all considerations are met and we’ve scoped out and delivered successfully on the desired project objectives. 

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As with all our projects, we endeavour to understand the key goals and objectives of the new website design and development before we lay pen to paper and start designing. Typically, this scoping phase involves a series of meetings and workshops to engage our development team, project and account managers, together with our client and their customers, to work together and build a vision and specifications for the project. During this phase, our approach is divided into three distinct areas.

Audience profiles and user stories

We start our scoping phase with the audience first, by working with our clients to identify and describe their key audiences: existing and new, their expectations, numbers, value, key user stories and information requirements. We also like to work together with customers and clients in capturing key user stories. The output provides us with a product breakdown structure for the define stage.

Visual design research and audit

Building on the user profiles we conduct a design audit of your brand and the current site. We then audit competitor sites and take the client through a design questionnaire to assess likes and dislikes. The outcome allows us to work on design concepts and wireframes in the define stage.


With all the information gathered in the discovery phase, our team of UX consultants, digital designers and developers get together to define the information to develop and build a Project Initiation Document, ultimately containing: 

•    Project objectives
•    Key user stories
•    Product breakdown structure 
•    Visuals and wireframes
•    Information architecture and sitemap
•    Time schedule and project plan
•    Accurate project estimate


The build process is managed through defined project phases with a dedicated project manager. At key points throughout the project we like to engage the client in product demonstrations to gain feedback and answer any questions. Typically, we go through three stages of development to take it to the point of live testing and ultimately ‘go-live’.


As your web design company, we automate the process of deploying code from our office machines to the staging and live servers, preventing potential errors with mistaken file uploads.


Our code is version-controlled, allowing us to maintain a history of changes and revert back to previous versions if necessary. The version-controlled code is maintained on a secure platform, with access controls preventing it getting into the wrong hands.

QA and testing

All websites are produced and tested to operate on the modern website and device browsers. For more complex development we offer unit testing: we can check that the code we write conforms to an agreed set of actions, applying fixes where necessary when tests fail. Automating the tests also allows us to monitor the code continually and therefore respond quickly to issues. The website will be subjected to penetration testing, to identify any security flaws – existing or potential – and load testing allows us to predict how well the site will perform under a certain traffic load.

Using this test, we are able to analyse and optimise the code and server to deal with the expected levels of traffic and interaction.


Successful delivery of a website is a complex stage with internal and external testing and project sign-off on the table. Our processes have been developed through years of delivering websites to high standards making sure that everything is taken care of to ensure that go-live goes without a glitch. Once delivered, we offer monthly analytic reports on the website health and varying degrees of support over and above the 8-weeks-free bug fixes. This is why we've become a trusted web design agency to many of our digital clients.

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