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Virtual reality

Working as creative professionals is always challenging and always stimulating. The emergence of new technology has done nothing to disprove that fundamental truth. Indeed it has gone a long way to re-energise sections of the industry – as well as opening up exciting and adventurous new avenues for clients.

Virtual reality (VR) is something we’ve been advocating, experimenting with and deploying in earnest. We’ve been out on location shooting in immersive 360°, and also pioneering new ways to engage with our clients. Live VR streaming is a great way to engage with creative concepts from the comfort of your own office – as well as enlivening and enriching the creative process from start to finish.

In many ways, VR is a whole new way of thinking, designing and being. Yet despite its incredible sophistication, it is also cost-effective and instant – allowing immediate comment, feedback and development. Creatively it delivers incredible scope for augmenting reality in all sorts of ways, not least when it comes to highly engaging brand content.

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