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If you're looking for a web design agency or digital agency, we can help. Based in Cambridge, we’re an experienced team of leading digital enthusiasts working within the region’s most credible full-service marketing agencies. We offer a variety of digital services for some of the UK's biggest brands.

Our customer-first approach to web design, technical know-how, and imaginative implementation generate transformative results for our clients. Our carefully crafted websites help our clients deliver brand stories that increase conversions, acquire new customers and increase sales. As a digital agency and web development company we're able to offer a broad range of digital design and development services.

Web design

We carefully craft intelligent digital experiences that work consistently and seamlessly. Our digital design process places your target audience front and centre, so your digital communications enhance your brand and deliver results. We always ensure that brand essence and personality inform the experience to ensure consistency at every touchpoint. We are an award-winning web agency and take great pride in our work. We create original and unique platforms designed to deliver a strong user experience and a seamless customer journey.

Web development

Developing rich responsive web experiences is at the core of what we do in the digital team, ensuring our websites always follow the latest web standards and utilise the most recent technologies. We have a wide-range of experience, from building high performing brochure websites to complex web applications. Our developers create websites using PHP and use open-source software such as Drupal and Bolt content management systems, which are flexible and extendable to be customised to all requirements.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

When it comes to website design we understand that one size rarely fits all, which is definitely the case when it comes to choosing a content management system. A well-constructed CMS will offer you the ability to manage almost all of your website content in-house - our CMS’ empower our clients to add, edit and remove most types of content. In addition, our CMS’ offer differing levels of administrative access, the ability to manage SEO attributes and, in some instances, the management of multilingual content, a content review and tailored approval process. We build our content management system driven websites in either Drupal or Bolt CMS depending on the requirements.

Research and strategy

At the start of any web project we dig deep into your brand, its values and aspirations. We conduct stakeholder research, which is collated into transformational marketing insights by our skilled team. From there we create the strategy, drawing on the expertise across Mobas in design, development and campaign delivery to your opportunity into success.

Information architecture

Behind every great website is well-planned IA, so that users know where they are, what they’ve found, what else they can discover and what they can expect. All of that in line with best practice standards for creating, storing, accessing and presenting information. Using our technical and UX know-how, we ensure that all of your digital content is organised effectively and sustainably.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We understand what it takes to really stand out in the increasingly competitive digital marketplace. Having an advanced SEO strategy in place can put you one step ahead of your competition and ensure you don’t get left behind. When planning, designing and building your website, SEO is always at the forefront of our minds. Delivering an improved online presence and increasing effective traffic to our clients’ websites is crucial. Whether you are optimising for global, national or local search terms, our SEO process and packages will help you climb up the search results to drive more traffic, improve lead generation and ultimately increase revenue.

Digital marketing solutions

Ever-increasing digitisation means that digital marketing is now a must for most brands. Well-executed online marketing connects you with prospective, current and new customers, and delivers measurable results. We have a team dedicated to providing innovative digital marketing strategies and social media campaigns. From strategy, planning and forecasting, to creative concepts that hit the spot, our skilled team creates expert campaigns to transform the power of your digital brand. From content marketing, display ads and email campaigns, to SEO and PPC we apply the best industry thinking – as well as our own hard-won experience – to stay ahead of the game and ensure maximum efficiency and impact for our clients. We assume nothing and leave no possibilities unturned.


When building digital experiences, we’re able to follow and implement accessibility principles. Strong website accessibility improves user experience and the performance of digital platforms. This ensures our clients content has maximum reach and can be consumed by those with disabilities. It is also now a legal requirement for most public organisations and higher education institutions to comply with W3C AA standards. We can create your website to differing WCAG levels based upon your requirements and budget.

Our accessibility services include audits, advice and training, and delivery of accessibility standards for new projects.

Third-party integrations

Bringing data together from multiple sources can be difficult, slow and costly. Our wealth of experience in integrating systems such as CRM's, back office systems and marketing automation can help you realise the range of benefits when using third-party service providers. Our experienced digital team will collaborate with you to plan and design bespoke systems that transform your working processes.

Copy writing and content creation

Along with a great design and a well-built website, content is key for the success of any website. We have an in-house copywriting team that can provide a full copywriting service, working with you to define the brief and an appropriate tone of voice for your audience. Writing compelling content that resonates with your audience will help your website deliver better results through leading your users to take actions that are desirable for you, but also them.

Website support

We offer hosting packages for the websites we create. We take care of all of the pre- and post-go live checks to ensure your website’s go live process is seamless and hassle free. To mitigate the risk of security issues we include maintenance packages to ensure your website is regularly updated with the latest security patches. Once your website is live, as with many facets of life, there is ongoing care and attention that your website requires. Not only should regular content review, refresh and creation be undertaken, alongside SEO reviews, but also the underlying architecture of the website needs maintaining. To ensure that your website is always there when any of your potential clients wish to view, we can set up website health check monitoring. Our monitoring helps us address any issues that could compromise the user experience or SEO performance of your website, leaving you with the confidence that your website is performing to the best of its ability.

Web design services

Our design and development process spans a variety of phases and stages, making sure we deliver the website you want. Our in-house web development team has the full complement of website development services which include front and backend development, internal QA (quality assurance) experts and dev ops for deploying your website to the internet.

Our team of digital experts all play an integral role in the successful delivery of digital applications, including; websites, apps, ecommerce platforms or internal back office systems.

With the ever-changing world of the web, it’s vital that our web team maintains a constant passion for all things digital. Our team works closely together to share findings of new technology and web techniques.

Our creative design team uses the latest in web design technology. We use industry-leading interactive prototyping tools to seamlessly communicate and gather feedback from our clients to help move design projects forward.

At Mobas we offer a range of development services and types of development.

We develop websites ranging from simple brochure or corporate websites through to complex eCommerce websites and our experienced developers will always conform to the latest in web-standards.

With the continuous evolution and advancement of technology, we seek opportunities to automate business processes to drive efficiencies and digitally transform our clients’ operational procedures. This could involve the integration of two systems, for example website form data and a CRM, or something more complex like the delivery of a complex back office system.

Our process

It's important to us to ensure that what we deliver meets your needs. Our process helps us do that.

Strategy and scoping

To get to the core of your business and its objectives, competitors and target audiences, at the start of any web project we carry out an interactive strategy and scoping workshop with you. This helps to ensure we have a strong understanding of what lies at the core of your business using this information as a basis to structure your website.

It’s during these sessions that we will determine which templates will be required as we define the purpose of each web page and how we might need them to function, as well as starting to develop our information architecture.

Wireframing and web design

Before our designers can start the design process, we use the newly approved information architecture to create a sitemap plan and then to build the wireframes. These form the structure of the website, and once agreed upon we can then proceed with the website design.

Using all of our outputs up until now - from strategy to wireframes and everything in between - our UX/UI designers will create the website designs.

We present our designs through InVision, which allows for easy viewing, as well as providing a platform for comments to be made by both Mobas and the client for us to perfect the visual prior to build.

Technical specification

Once these designs have been agreed on and website functionality has been discussed and agreed, Mobas will create a technical specification, working with you to ensure we’ve captured every element of the build in one mutually agreed upon document.

Website development

Having signed-off the tech spec, our development team can get started, working together to turn strategy, wireframes and designs into a fully functioning site that’s built specifically for your purpose. This is where we turn all of our transformational concepts into reality.

Testing and go live

A vital part of the web development process is testing and quality assurance. As such, the site is tested on a range of browsers and devices as specified in the tech spec, so that any bugs can be resolved prior to go-live.

Mobas offers a full hosting and on-going support package. We also have options if you wish to host your site with a third party, or we can work with the host of your choice.

We will also support you in setting up google analytics and any other tracking that might be required for ongoing digital marketing, allowing you to see how well the website is working towards helping you achieve those business goals as defined in the strategy phase.

You can find out more about our planning and project management process here.