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Is your website mobile responsive?

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New Google algorithm which will affect websites worldwide to be introduced on April 21st

The countdown has begun until Google release their latest algorithm, with this one possibly being a huge game changer for businesses across the globe. The new algorithm will start rewarding websites that are responsive and mobile ready.

A responsive website is a website that responds and reacts to whatever device it is used on, whether it is a desktop, tablet or mobile. So if it is on a mobile the website will automatically change size of fonts and layouts to fit on a mobile device. You can check to see if your website is responsive by following this link Is my website responsive?

During the next few weeks you may hear about mobile templates as well, these are templates that are designed so a company may have a website that is specifically for mobile devices. This will be important for e-commerce sites as they will be making the transaction of a product easier for a consumer and Google will reward this with higher rankings.

If your website isn’t responsive you will start to see competitors with responsive websites rise above you in the Google rankings. Having a responsive website doesn’t also guarantee you being at the top of Google rankings either.

Your SEO strategy should be looking at local as well as national searches. Google released the algorithm named Pigeon last year and that was dedicated at rewarding sites that target local searches. This is very important to do especially when national searches can be highly saturated and searches by consumers are more likely to add a location to the end of their search. PPC and longtail keywords will also help improve your rankings.

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