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Old English Inns Website

In-line with an accompanying new brand roll out, Old English Inns wanted to create a brand new website.


In-line with an accompanying new brand roll out, Old English Inns wanted to create a brand new website, revamping the UX In order to create a seamless user journey that enabled visitors to quickly locate and book a hotel room (with a selection of optional extras). The company was also looking for a way to build the Old English Inns member centre, offering exclusive discounts and rewards for new and loyal returning customers.


As a strategic integrated agency, Mobas worked on both the new brand roll out and the website. This allowed Old English Inns maximum transparency throughout the entire process and provided access to brand and digital specialists alike.

The process began with a full UX and analytics study of the existing website, paying close attention to where users landed and where they spent most of their time. With a pre-identified clientele, it was paramount that the user’s journey was as friendly and simple as possible, whilst conveying all information up front. The character and history of the hotels was also of high importance, Old English has some of the most interesting hotels and inns in the UK.

The website was to integrate with a third party booking system preferred by Old English Inns, so Mobas ensured that all processes would be documented in an in-depth scoping and functional specification document. This ensured a smooth workflow between all parties.


The website launched in summer 2013 to a great reception. Both the new brand identity and new website design drove each other forward, creating a classic feel with modern functional elements. In order to keep UX as friendly as possible, everything was quickly accessible via the main navigation and booking was introduced across multiple pages, so customers were never more than one click away from booking their desired location.

The member centre allows users to register with Old English Inns and opt in to receive exclusives offers. Members are also able to share their membership with others, meaning the wider the reach of the member centre share, the greater the reward.

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