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Tristel – Multilingual training portal


Tristel is a global, market-leading manufacturing company specialising in infection control, contamination control and hygiene products. Our client operates within the human and animal health market where hygiene and prevention of infection is paramount.

Mobas was briefed to create an online training portal. The portal would be used by Tristel customers who work largely within hospitals and veterinary centres. Training and compliance with regard to the use of the product plays a crucial role in product efficacy, hence the need for the client to provide additional training materials to end users.


At Mobas we’re rarely phased by such challenges as we’re well aware that digital has very few boundaries from a development perspective. With a team consisting of design and user experience (UX) specialists, information architects and technical developers, the biggest challenge for us was to consider whether we build the solution as a bespoke system, or we adopt software as a service training solution. Initially we approach all projects from a technology agnostic standpoint. Only once we’ve completed our scoping do we assess and consider which technologies should be used to fulfil the project requirements and objectives.


Using our proven scoping process, we facilitated a series of scoping workshops with key project stakeholders to define the project requirements.

With all insight and information gathered during our client workshops, the Mobas team worked internally to consider what technology works best based on the audiences, user stories, technical features and content gathered during our discovery phases.

From this point we start to plan and create a project initiation document and delivery plan. This forms the blueprint for the project and is shared with our clients for consideration and sign-off. 


After vigorous quality assurance and testing, Mobas delivered a secure online training portal. 

The course training content is available via a secure login. Users are set up in the administration system with content being served based on their user profile and training needs. 

The portal and content are available in English, Spanish, French, German and Cantonese to accommodate Tristel’s overseas customers.

On completion of the training content (primarily text, multiple choice questions and video) the customer receives a PDF certificate via email to certify that they are suitably qualified to use the specific Tristel product. 

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