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Usability report and UX design

As an e-commerce site, Mobas needed to consider the booking journey taken by consumers using the Europasat site.


The working group at Europasat wanted to know how their incumbent website was performing and so approached Mobas to complete a complete UX report and usability study to help define the areas of the site that need to be changed.

As an e-commerce site, Mobas needed to consider the booking journey taken by consumers using the site. Once these journeys and studies had taken place, the findings needed to be taken and applied to a new front end interface for the whole of the Europasat site.

UX Report

The UX report consisted of a number of separate processes, which alone, would provide an interesting insight but when combined into a comprehensive document gives a concise picture of the success and functionality of the website.

The usability report will consider the following design and architecture elements:

  • Navigation
  • Structure
  • Content
  • Interaction
  • Design

One of the key parts of a UX report is to define the audience and their motivations and ultimate goals when using the website. Mobas very quickly identified that the Europasat website catered for a user who understood enough about satellite broadband to make an informed decision but was a bit complicated for someone looking for what satellite broadband can offer and its capabilities.

As a consumer product, Mobas suggested catering for both types of user by providing more information about the benefits and technologies available as well as all the options required by any user who knows exactly what they want.

Once these user groups had been identified, key journeys were undertaken by Mobas to determine any usability issues within the education and booking process.

UX Design

Once the issue was found and recommendations made, Europasat then appointed Mobas to develop wireframes and concepts based on the findings of the usability and UX report. Our UX consultants worked closely with the digital designers to develop the concepts taking information directly from the report. The design concepts also worked from the brand guidelines put together by the brand team.

These concepts were quickly approved and the team at Mobas moved onto the wireframing stage where they identified content hierarchy based on the sitemap and user journeys defined in the UX report. Mobas worked closely with the digital marketing manager at Europasat to roll out all of the templates needed to cover the whole site.

What we delivered

  • A new visual identity 
  • UX report and usability study
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframes
  • Design homepage concepts
  • 12 bespoke page templates

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