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Venue-finding website for Meet Cambridge

Meet Cambridge is a free venue-finding service specialising in unique venues within the Cambridge area. The company markets a diverse portfolio of over 65 venues and provides event management services to clients across the UK and beyond.

Supporting events from dinners, large banquets, meetings and conferences, to overnight accommodation and more, Meet Cambridge sought a new website that would cater for a variety of different users while showcasing the best in event planning as well as venue and destination information.

After defining the new brand and taking into consideration the company’s new values and personality, we went through a scoping process which reviewed the site’s target users. In doing so, we were able to create user journeys whereby we established the different audience types and their needs, wants, entry channels and pages. Following this, we then defined appropriate content strategies and calls to action, to funnel the user through the website to complete the desired goals.

One of the most important technical considerations considered and implemented during site-build was the integration of an API, in which all venue data is managed. To date, the site has the capability and functionality to interact with the CRM to ensure all correct and up-to-date information is managed and pulled through onto the Meet Cambridge site automatically.

From a design perspective, we ensured that the new site would bring the new Meet Cambridge brand to life, while also informing and inspiring audiences on what Cambridge, as a venue, has to offer. The content structure, layout and styling helped increase inbound traffic through search and instilled trust with visitors, therefore increasing conversion of visitors to enquire.

As a result of our website scope and build process, we developed a site that is fully operational and continues to deliver on the client’s requirements. Furthermore, the transformational effect that Mobas has given Meet Cambridge has been met with great satisfaction. Kelly Vickers commented “They’ve been responsive, diligent and creative, and they delivered. We can’t imagine a working life without Mobas”.

Visit the Meet Cambridge website to find out more. 

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