A message from Robin Bryant, Founder and Joint MD, Mobas

04 May 2020 1 min read
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Robin Bryant

A message from Robin Bryant, Founder and Joint MD, Mobas

I wanted to share my thoughts on the unprecedented conditions we’re all living and working in; to give you an update on what’s happening at Mobas; and simply to communicate and collaborate – something everyone seems to be valuing more, in both their personal and business lives, at the moment.

It would be simplistic to say that all is ‘business as usual’. Like everyone we’ve had to adapt and respond in new ways to working practices – but the upheaval and tangible difference in how we’re working has turned out to be far less problematic than might have been predicted. This is down to meticulous ongoing planning as a business and as the crisis was emerging and, of course, the dedication of the Mobas team – all of whom are retained and have gone the extra mile to ensure our clients get the service they expect. In short, we’re here and ready to help with anything you need us for, as always.

Different businesses adapt in different ways. We’re lucky enough to be in a position to witness this as we work side by side with our clients from all sectors. Some are doing extraordinary things in these extraordinary times. Our live event production client, Sparq, have helped wedding guests watch their loved ones marry at register offices. Saffron Building Society are offering a repayment review to mortgage customers affected by coronavirus. Hatch, the interiors business, are looking at providing furniture to temporary housing for NHS staff. Accora, manufacturer of assistive care equipment, have developed a rapid deployment COVID-19 hospital bed. And the list goes on.

The one common factor is that these are positive responses – and it is that positivity that will set the tone for our recovery. Critically we’re being approached by many brands who have had time to reflect and want to build on their strong foundations to come back, post-lockdown, bigger and stronger than before. And we’re here and ready to help them do just that.

For now we must continue to embrace the new status quo: working from home, using Microsoft Teams extensively, and focusing at all times on communication and collaboration. When we get back to ‘normal’, it’s likely that changes will have taken place – in our values, our working culture, our business relationships. At Mobas we’re determined that these changes will be for the better. We’re here to ensure that those shifts will be positive for you too.

Robin Bryant
Founder and Joint-MD

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