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Amplify your leadership voice: LinkedIn's thought leadership ads

07 September 2023 1 min read
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Adam Tuckwell

Amplify your leadership voice: LinkedIn's thought leadership ads

In a digital age dominated by instantaneous sharing and vast volumes of information, how do business leaders stand out? How can they carve a niche for their unique perspective and establish themselves not just as leaders, but thought leaders? The solution might be simpler than you think, nestled in LinkedIn’s innovative ad format: Thought Leadership Ads.

Why should business leaders consider thought leadership ads?

  1. Enhanced Credibility: Unlike standard promotions, these ads appear as if the thought leader has posted them, offering a touch of genuineness and authenticity to your message.
  2. Higher Engagement Rates: Initial trials by LinkedIn have demonstrated that thought leadership ads hold a 1.7x higher click-through rate than other single-image campaigns. This means that users aren’t just scrolling past; they’re engaging.
  3. Direct Reach to B2B Audience: In the B2B sector, thought leadership is invaluable. It establishes trust, drives premium leads, and positions your brand as an industry forerunner.

How can business leaders harness this power?

  1. Diversify voices: test posts from a variety of employees. This allows for an encompassing approach, offering varied insights that cater to different segments of your B2B audience.
  2. Stay relevant & start conversations: Thought leadership isn’t just about speaking; it’s about sparking dialogue. Share timely and unique perspectives that challenge, inspire, and invite discussion.
  3. Drive traffic back to your site: Including links in your posts can funnel users back to your main website, allowing them a deeper dive into what your brand offers.
  4. Measure & iterate: Always record baseline metrics to assess the impact of your content, refining your approach as necessary.

Starting your thought leadership journey

For those ready to embark on this adventure, remember that thought leadership ads on LinkedIn are currently available solely for brand awareness and engagement objectives, and exclusively in the single image format. An essential criterion is that the employee authoring the post lists the company in an active role on their LinkedIn profile.

With these in mind, you're all set to embark on this powerful journey of influence and leadership.

If sharing your expertise, connecting with peers, and establishing authority in your sector appeals to you, then LinkedIn's Thought Leadership Ads might be the avenue you've been searching for. And for those seeking guidance on this path, Adam Tuckwell and the Mobas team, with their unique voice and expertise, stand ready to help.

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