Brand transformation in the finance sector

23 May 2017 2 min read
Brand transformation in the finance sector

It’s easy to talk about transforming brands (lots of strategic agencies do) but it’s somewhat harder to put your money where your mouth is and create case studies to prove the point. With ‘The Brand Transformation Agency’ as our strapline, it’s vital to us here at Mobas that we walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

This is why we’ve worked so hard over the years to develop a successful stream of relationships with finance sector clients – and characterise them with game-changing impact. Take The Cambridge Building Society. Our Joint MD Rob Bryant can talk at length and in detail about how we helped deliver transformational change. In fact, you try stopping him. But cutting a long story short, we were instrumental – over a two-year period – in slashing the average customer age from 61 to 29; adding 5,500 new customers; and growing the net asset base from £840m to £1.14 billion.

The catalyst to all this was a Mobas strategic brand project that refocused, reenergised and relaunched the Cambridge Building Society brand. Its influence changed everything internally – from brand personality and voice to culture, structure, processes and even the implementation of evolved IT and digital infrastructure. And its effect revitalised everything externally – in store, online, in social media and via paid-for media channels such as TV and print advertising.

Rob has led the Mobas team to deliver transformational marketing for many other finance sector brands, including the likes of Bluefin, Thinc Group and Compare the Market. Such experience gives the agency real potency when it comes to assembling a team of experts who know the sector inside out. Take Head of Strategy Shelby Haslam. She’s worked at the cutting edge of brand delivery for the likes of Visa, Switch, Mastercard and Bacs Direct Debit.

In fact, any new client coming to Mobas in search of transformational success will be introduced to an enthusiastic and energetic team assembled for its marketing nous, and financial experience. As well as Rob and Shelby, the team could include Pete Chaloner, Joint MD; Clive Weatherley, Copy Head; Dale Haste, Head of the Creative Department; Ellie Pearson, Art Director; Katie Sandell, Senior Account Manager; and Lorna Hopkins, Senior Account Manager.

Achievements for our clients:

Driven growth: £840 million to £1.14 billion in 2 years

Customer acquisition strategy delivered 5,500 new customers in 2 years

Reduced customer age strategy 61 to 29 (ave)

Client voted The MoneyAge ‘Mortgage Lender Customer Service of the Year’ award 2018

Launch of new branch network interior / branch experience

Created strategy for a complete IT infrastructure update in line with customer focus

Delivered the hugely successful internal brand voice and culture programme

Client experience:

The Cambridge Building Society


Thinc Group / Destini

Compare the Market





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